Chrome extension changes President Trump to "President" Trump


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“President” “President” Trump to
“President” “President” Trump


(I’m guessing @frauenfelder’s extension messed with his form submission in writing this post… ;))


Brian you are doing the Lord’s work. Best extension ever.

Interestingly, in this BB post (and this post only),.it’s doubling “President” to “President” “President”. Works fine elsewhere for me, though.


my go to title was going to be false-president Trump (deliberate lower case) but quotes will be a useful fall back


I’m thinking we need a version that changes all instances of “President Trump” to “For God’s sake, get in your fallout shelter now!!!"



Obligatory “complete sentence” to satisfy Discourse.


How about presi-don’t?


“Il Douchey”, perhaps?
Maybe something cute to go along with the Make America Kittens Again extension; “professor stubby fingers”, “princess little hands”, etc.


Woohoo! It works without having to disable the Drumpfinator extension. :smile:


Finally, an appropriate use of scare quotes.


Hmm, I may just trade in the Make Trump Burger Again for those kittehs!


There’s no logical reason to stop there. Congress can be “Congress” and the Supreme Court can be the “Supreme Court”. Eventually we can come up with a squiggle that means, “The polity formerly known as the United States of America”


May I request a COMPLETELY CONGRUOUS extension that would replace
"Trump tweeted" for “Trump’s mind farted loudly”

THAT would be useful, truthful AND enjoyable.


Really? Not President* Trump?


“Boing Boing”



Fake-President Trump


How dare you besmirch the importance, dignity, and forthrightness of BoingBoing!!!

Good day to you, sir! Good day!


About as sensible as birthers


That’s “President” Birther to you.