Trump's stupid #FakeNewsAwards site crashes right after President Herp Derp tweets about it


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Typical lying BoingBoing quoting failing NYDN. Fake news. Sad!


Nice reply gracchus. Lol…


Our tax dollars at work.


It speaks volumes that the GOP, ostensibly a non-commercial entity, redirects you to when you go to,


Would this qualify as the POTUS defaming specific, private interests?

I thought that there were rules against that.


Pretty sure tRump is in the nixon school of thought. Ie, “if the president does it, then it’s not illegal.”


Weren’t there warnings that it’s illegal for anyone in the White House (save the orange Turnip) to use our tax dollars to disparage specific private entities (based on this)? So for the most part, apparently not.

Silver lining, or something…


This is just like that time the Affordable Care Act website kept crashing except in this case everything about it from concept to implementation is made out of stupid.


It’s nice he has enough time on his hands to waste on this instead of preventing a government shutdown on Friday or fixing DACA.


Seriously, this is the Web server version of your elderly family member calling you up for tech support.


Whereas the Democratic party is indeed at .


Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up?


President Herp Derp!

It took you so long to come to me…


Ermahgerd! Dernerd Trermp!


It’s probably a good thing that he’s working on things like this instead of real stuff. Leave that to the adults.


If you had purchased the GOPdoubleplus add on for your internet you wouldn’t have this problem.



There are none.