Special counsel Robert Mueller impanels grand jury as Trump-Russia investigation accelerates


Jester Called it. Here’s to hoping “weeks” stays in the low double digits

#BuckleUp It's gonna be a rough few weeks America. And that's about all I'm gonna say on the matter, aside from... keep the bubbly on ice.

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Are his hands tiny enough to slip out of handcuffs?


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Under normal circumstances, federal grand juries usually cover a few counties (when I served on one, our range was three counties); members can be from any part of the covered area. Most of us lived in the same city as where we met, but some of us came from 40+ miles. Mileage was paid, and we only met once per month for 18 months.

This doesn’t sound like a normal federal grand jury, which would hear a variety of cases, and decide if there was enough evidence to proceed to trial. I suspect this grand jury will be meeting more often, and only considering evidence about the Trump-Russia connection. The goal will be to ensure there’s enough evidence to go to trial.


How does one become a member of a grand jury?


At least he and Putin will always have Paris.


You’re called in just like any other jury duty. At least in my state.


I can’t speak for a specially impaneled grand jury, but the ordinary, federal grand jury appears to work like any other form of jury duty ~ you’re randomly selected and told to show up at the courthouse, you’re interviewed by the attorneys, and asked if there’s are any outstanding reasons why you can’t perform the duty asked of you.


Does a person who normally gets Secret Service protection continue to get that protection if incarcerated?

Just, curious.


I thought (at least in NY) that gj’s were ‘long term’.


It’s all about connections. You have to know the right people.Aug-03-2017 18-26-13


I’m sure Federal grand juries are brought in to handle nothingburgers all the time.


Preibus still has his if that’s any indication.


Yes - potentially. It can really suck for jurors

How is the grand jury chosen, and how does the grand jury process function?

Grand jurors are chosen from the same group of people as trial jurors. When you receive notice for jury service you could be called for either one. The judge will ask very few questions, unlike when selecting a petit jury, when the judge and lawyers ask many questions.

Grand jurors will only be excused “for cause,” meaning they cannot be fair and impartial. Of course jurors, in general, are often excused for logistical reasons (scheduling, etc). Grand jurors are expected to serve anywhere from a month to a year on average. In most cases it’s a few months.​ And they sit a few days a week.


Am I the only one that read the jury was impaled first time through?


It does make a difference.


:notes: It’s a never-ending shit shoooow…:notes:

In part it depends on whether they get this through in time:


I understand. I also am of the opinion that even if Pence has more success at getting awful things done than Trump, we still need to get Trump out. There just has to be some accountability for this.

I also think it’s very likely if there’s anything solid to charge Trump with, there’s solid charges for Pence as well. Trump is so incompetent that people around him are almost certain to be involved in any collusion, racketeering or similar. At some point they’d have to bail him out just so they wouldn’t go down too - just like the banks had to dive in and help with him with his failing Atlantic City casino.

In any case, we’ll see how it all plays out.


I’ve also heard this as a real-life story, of a musician who had worked for the notoriously difficult band leader Buddy Rich. The musician was continually calling Rich’s widow, because he was just so happy to keep hearing Rich was dead.


From what I understand from people I know in law enforcement. You don’t generally convene a Grand Jury unless you are absolutely sure you have something.

And you don’t generally indict unless you are damn sure you can get the indictment.

Grand Juries are how you get an indictment.

I mean there are exceptions. The process is sometimes used for political cover with high profile or touchy stuff. We see that a lot with Police shootings. “Oops couldn’t get an indictment against this guy we’d prefer not to charge, guess we can’t charge him”. And very occasionally they’ll be used to get some subpoena power for general shit stirring.

But for the most part its incredibly rare for a Grand Jury to be convened when there’s nothing there. And its incredibly rare for an indictment not to come through. People I know in law and law enforcement hear Grand Jury and their eye brows go up.

Tends to mean serious shit.

The generally accepted legal situation is that a sitting president can’t be charged with a crime. So any charges or jail time has to come after they’ve been removed from office. Sounds kind of fucked up, but if you think about it it sort of incentivizes impeachment as a first step. That said its theory. Not stated law, and hasn’t been tested in court.

But that’s what Ford’s preemptive pardon of Nixon was all about. Heading off charges that were likely coming after his resignation.

I don’t think the secret service are required to protect former presidents. So I’d hazard a guess at no. For a president to go to prison they’d likely have to be a former president. And the SS could safely blow him/her off in that situation.

Its part of the normal Jury Duty process. You’ll get your summons, go through the wait process. If you get selected you’ll continue to wait. And get assigned/selected for various juries that are seeking people. You might be tossed at town level traffic court. You might get tossed at county or state criminal court. Or you might get assigned to a Grand Jury, federal or state. Then you do the whole selection process thing. and either get rejected, seated, or end up an alternate. Its entirely random which one you end up on.

Federal Grand Juries would be part of the federal jury duty which is I think every 7 years? With state/county being every 4? The details elude me its been so long since I’ve been called for jury duty. For all the noise about it people seem to participate, so there’s always more people than needed. I’ve been called for fed once and state/county like 4 times. Only had to do more than call in and be told “you’re eliminated” twice. Which entailed sitting in the town court for an hour or so to be told “we’re not calling you”. Its a bit like the lotto. And the surest way to ensure you don’t get called for jury duty is to just show up. After a couple rounds participating the summonses just stop coming.

treason is a really tricky one. Our laws on that require “making war” against the United States, and there by require both plausible acts of war and a declaration of war. So its far more likely we’d be looking at something like espionage.