Trump team knew Flynn was under federal investigation when they made him national security adviser


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Can we just prosecute Trump and team already?


I should just use this in every new Trump post shouldn’t I?




Or this (she really slept this way):


you put this in the pet pics thread right?



I’m so sick of this, but I just can’t look away. I guess that’s what you call a train wreck.


I had no idea there was one – nor do I know how to see what’s available. I’d RTFM, except I don’t know where that is, either. :confused:


here ya go


Done, thanks!


I can’t help but feel this presidency is going to end with a scene akin to the white Bronco going down the highway…

edit: Shoot, gotta get some popcorn to keep around the house…


I guess that’s better than the scene I keep picturing:


I don’t know, direct alien intervention? I’d take it.


Ya know what else they knew? They knew Flynn was a nut. Everyone knew he was a nut!


At this point, so would I; but sadly, that’s probably less feasible than impeachment.


I just meant the exploding government part.


I feel like that’s the best case scenario. No one gets hurt, except for maybe the guy driving the Bronco. I wish I were as optimistic as you.


“Accelerating” is right. I feel like we’re living through the political scandal version of the Singularity.


Do all torties do this? A friend of mine had one and she slept like this a disconcerting amount of the time.

Back on topic…can we call it seditious? Not quite treason, but darn close.


I just meant as far as the “lame/crazy escape attempt,” or whatever that was, back in the day. This time it certainly has far greater consequences. Personally, I have all of my retirement in medium-term US securities right now. Somehow that feels safer than the market right now (see: today).