Trump team knew Flynn was under federal investigation when they made him national security adviser


The strategy for Democrats for '18 elections could be “we need the majority to start impeachment”


Right: why can’t this lead to Pence going down, too?


Why not? I’m pretty sure he has his own share of dirty little secrets; types like him usually do.


We all know basically who Trump is at this point, he’s never going to admit defeat. So, if it comes to hearings or being questioned on the witness stand in front of a grand jury he will go up there and give his typical half-assed answers, and then think he aced it. He will be tweeting about how “this whole impeachment thing is fake news”, and repeat whatever excuse Fox News tosses him as a lifeline. He will try and throw everyone in his staff under the bus, even if they have already testified against him or copped pleas (and I bet they will), and if he’s impeached and removed from office he will rail against everyone involved as “the REAL traitors”, and claim “America doesn’t deserve a President as great as me. Now you’re all screwed, America will never be great again!”

I don’t see how the GOP can let this go on. Simply saying “the media just hates Trump” only goes so far when there’s a new bombshell everyday. Remember: during the primaries a lot of GOP faithful did not want Trump, felt he was damaging the party, well. . . he’s still damaging the party, it was a pyrrhic victory. At some point they will need to throw him under the bus to save their own jobs.



I’ll just leave this here:


And what about this guy?


I’m just trying to picture the conversation…

Transition Team: "General Flynn, you’re on our short list for National Security Advisor. Are you interested?"
Flynn: "Uhh… yes? I guess. I mean, you know I’m the subject of an active FBI investigation, right?"
Transition Team: “Oh. Really? Ok. Yeah, I don’t see why that would be a problem.”

I mean, seriously. This is beyond incompetence. Your garden variety idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing would have still known this was a problem. I’d say that was proof of doing it on purpose because Putin wanted him, except … again, garden variety idiot would know this would eventually get out. The only thing I can think is we’re dealing with a perfect storm of idiocy, hubris, and treason.


Spot quiz: better math rock band or law firm representing Trump?


I almost made a law firm comment after I wrote that.


Because the GOP control the legislature, the judiciary and the FBI. Trump, Pence, whoever; you still have a fascist government with a permanent lock on power. They count the votes.


It wasn’t incompetence, it was arrogance. Trump assumed that he’d have total obedience from Comey after the election.

The next FBI director will be more carefully vetted.


“I hire the best people.”

I’m starting to worry that as things continue to go South, Trump will go for a scorched-earth policy and launch some nukes (metaphorically - and also possibly literally). He’s just deranged enough to do something really damaging out of spiteful incompetence (or incompetent spitefulness).


By both sides. I think Trump may find that the Senate is less apt to let him rush in an unqualified toady now.


I don’t expect the remnants of the filibuster to last much longer.

There remains a slim possibility that Trump will be taken out by an intra-GOP coup. The next big fight in US politics will be the GOP civil war between the Trump and Pence factions.

Unfortunately, both sides in that fight are white supremacists who are willing and able to pervert the electoral system to maintain power.

Trump the Chump

Y’all get that any legal case against Trump would eventually end up in the USSC, right?

The court that is dominated by a gang of utterly shameless extreme-right partisans, who have a long record of twisting the law into pretzels to achieve their goals. Gorsuch, Alito, Roberts, Thomas, Kennedy.

The fate of the nation rests on Kennedy. Who is a complete fucking idiot.

Even if Kennedy acquires a brain, you’re likely to end up in a “how many battalions has the Supreme Court?” situation.

The GOP has gone too far. If they restore democracy and the rule of law, they’re toast. Ergo, they aren’t going to allow that to happen.



Whatever happens to Trump and the rest, I think we can expect Flynn to go away in a Federal prison for quite some time.


The next FBI director will despise Trump but hide it well until he can screw Trump to the wall for something serious. Comey was popular in-house and police organizations are loyal to their own.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a watcher hidden in his protective detail to prevent Trump from launching nukes. Even the most nutbar fundamentalist religious fanatic must know we’ll all end up dead if someone pulls the fission trigger.


You think they’re under control?