Trump team knew Flynn was under federal investigation when they made him national security adviser



Is anyone else just thoroughly enjoying this presidency? Don’t get me wrong, he has already done lasting damage to our infrastructure, relationships, citizenry and foundational documents, but by gad, this is going as well as I could have hoped.


…Not really, although I will admit that it IS quite amusing to see the various spokesmen, talking heads and politicos try to create the illusion of some sort of policy agenda around Trump’s impulsive random actions… I’m picturing Spicer saying Shatner-style… “Must create illusion that pres is playing 5 dimensional chess…Don’t let people realize just how stupid and vain he is…”


If you detach from reality and treat politics as a spectator sport, it’s the Tour de France.

But when you reattach reality, you begin to notice the shattered lives and rotting corpses,


The tortie we had didn’t sleep like this. But our orange giant does.


Star Wars is entertaining unless you happen to be one of the poor bastards who lives on Alderaan.


A banana daiquiri might help.

Or two.


I have the absolute lowest opinion of this man. All of the horrible, hateful, reactive shit he’s doing and has promised to do was a foregone conclusion way back in 2015 when he really started showing himself an admirer of fascist policies. I never expected him to do anything good and knew that he would be a dismal fiscal and domestic policy failure as his entire career has shown him to be a callow, sociopathic, infantile serial rapist. The only things he could do would be bad… really, really bad.

What I’m reveling in isn’t just schadenfreud (though, yeah, lots of schadenfreud). It is the fact that he has completely locked up the GOP, his cabinet and at the same time revealed the worst in his base, in turn creating a groundswell of resistance and the very, very beginnings of rational national discourse. His only accomplishments have been through executive order, which are incredibly fragile and prone to dismissal by the judiciary and the appointment of Gorsuch which was also a foregone conclusion.

Unless he really goes off the rails and starts dropping nukes and invading sovereign nations, which is possible but I think improbable, he has effectively destroyed the GOP and bound their hands for the next 6 months to two years. Remember how long the Clinton impeachment took?


So Trump is the quarterback in a wildcat formation, where someone else (the Secretary of Defense perhaps) will receive the nuclear football if it is ever “snapped”?


He’s got all sorts of people around him whose job is to protect him from himself. Yet…

It’s not over yet. It’s going to get worse. Much worse. He’s going to be in office for a while, whatever happens (I don’t think he’s going to resign), and this, after all, was the “honeymoon” period. He’s not faced any significant challenges (that weren’t entirely of his own making), and he’s not appointed anyone to hundreds of federal positions, so if something serious happens, the federal government will have great difficulty responding.


I was forgetting about this:

Though as far as we know, no one has done this yet with the Donald.


In an effort to keep myself sane in the face of #trumprussia, I have found this page to be unexciting but somwehat comprehensive.


Yeah, I hear you, but I never expected anything like functionality from this lot of troglodytes. Bannon has openly stated in numerous forums that his wish is to deconstruct the apparatus of state and he is not alone in this. People with this sort of lack of empathy couldn’t even begin to understand a compassionate response to a natural disaster, for instance, so I would only expect them to botch it just like the Bush/Cheney cabal botched the response to Katrina. Unless the response is militaristic they are completely in the dark. From where I stand the current state of affairs just limits their ability to accomplish their more publicly nefarious aims; the truly troubling realpolitik shit was happening well before they ever got to office.


Only ever had one, so my n = 1. Pardon my digression!


If anyone was doing it (people like Mattis or McMaster or the various leaders of the alphabet soup agencies come to mind as likely), they’d sure as hell would keep very quiet about it.



Yes. Yes, you should.


Yeah, that’s true; they’re especially going to keep quiet about it given that it’s unconstitutional. But since they have to deal with him on a daily basis, so I’m sure they know better than anyone how dangerous he is.

Nor did I - but they’ve spread their disfunction more widely, more quickly, than I expected. Firing everyone and then not nominating replacements was a devastatingly efficient way of doing it.


I refuse to believe banana daiquiris exist. Limes, sugar, smashy smashy, enough rum to float three ice cubes. All else is worship of false idols.


Oh, me, me, me! I’m enjoying the heck out of it, knowing that whatever he does will be reversed by the next elected president in 2020. And enough GOP Congressmen know, by now, that they shouldn’t let him have his way, that he won’t be able to do anything really crazy. In the meantime, I’m buying Orville Redenbacher stock.