Dirty #NunesMemo trick worked: 3 out of 4 Trump voters now believe FBI biased against Trump


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/05/trump-voters-hate-fbi.html


worked? really? 25% of Trump voters disagreeing with Trump is actually pretty damned impressive. Though I suppose those are just the ones with a slightly bigger boner for institutional authoritarianism than cult of personality authoritarianism…


3 out of 4 Trump voters now believe FBI biased against Trump

Well, they are idiots.


Yeah, we know.

But, to be fair, does it count as bias if he’s likely to be guilty?


Great, just great. Totally reminds me of how Nazi Germany pumped nonstop pseudo science & pseudo history bullshit onto thier public


It’s not as if they read the memo and it changed their mind. They already thought the FBI was biased against Trump.


“It is easier to fool the people then convince them they have been fooled.” - Samuel Clements


I think law enforcement officials look suspiciously on anyone refusing to cooperate, obstructing justice, and generally badmouthing them.

Maybe that constitutes “bias”, I don’t know, I ain’t one of them fancy big-city lawyers.


You can’t fix stupid.


Well, to be fair, the FBI ought to be biased against threats to American democracy.


Maybe the article gets more into it, but I kind of think 75% of Trump voters already were against the FBI. Did the memo change anything, really? They probably could have been asked, “Do you feel that the recent glorblax indicates the FBI is at fault in terms of the investigation,” and they would have said yes.


Well duh; morons have NFI what confirmation bias is.


It’s not as though they didn’t read the memo because A; the dumb shits can’t read and B; they don’t need to read cause Faux Fake New already told them what to think.

This is truly weird because usually the FBI is putting the federal fuck to anyone to the left of Genghis Khan.


To be fair, if at one of his rallies Trump started shooting his own supporters, 3 out of 4 of them would line up to be the next ones shot.



You also can’t hunt stupid down for sport or food. They are useless for both.


The “Blue Lives Matter” crowd has been remarkably silent as the Republican Party has waged a coordinated smear campaign against the nation’s top law enforcement agency.


Yeah, I’m surprised it isn’t higher, given that it’s clear Trump supporters will buy into anything. Perhaps those 25% are those who now regret voting for Trump.

I can’t imagine it did. I’m pretty sure the memo was actually read by less than 5% of Trump voters.

Yeah, which is why it doesn’t matter that the memo undermines not only what Trumpers have been claiming about the investigation, but the insinuations of the memo itself. Trump can say that the memo vindicates him, and they’ll buy into it.

I’m only surprised they haven’t joined in on the attack, really. I’m sure they think the FBI is wasting any effort that’s not put into persecuting Muslims and civil rights organizations.


Instead of a driver’s license or a passport to vote we should have an intelligence test, or a civics test, or something to save our country from Joe DIrt and his cousins.


“baka ni tsukeru kusuri nashi”

One of my favorite old Japanese sayings. Literally, “The medicine which can be applied to stupidity doesn’t exist”.