Watch these Trump supporters agree that putting shock collars on Mexicans is a great idea


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As if we needed more evidence for Trump’s followers being knee-jerk authoritarians.


That was horrifying.


I would love to know that they are all paid actors and that the entire thing is a bit…but, I sadly don’t think that’s the case.


The alarming thing that I’ve noticed consistently is that the details of what he says do not matter. There are so many things that he says that they just ignore or that they just trust him on. This is true for supporters of other politicians of course, but it seems worse with Trump because he can say literally anything and it doesn’t matter to his supporters. It shows how much demagoguery and cult of personality is involved.


Is that even a thing?


That’s what scares me the most. Cult of personality leaders often end up as mass murderers and usually of their own citizens.


Dammit, don’t give them ideas!


Back in college, just for fun, I’d tell a “tall tale,” and just keep making it more crazy. I was trying to see how much crap I could make up before people called bullshit on me. Most of the time, no one ever called me out – it was amazing what people would believe.

So … I’m not entirely surprised that these people bought into the fake Trump stuff. But it is a good reminder that a large portion (majority?) of our voter base is just irrational.


Which just goes to show Trump supporters aren’t thinking about things like feasibility, costs, rule of law, sovereignty, or, dare I say it, empathy…

And also that they just assume they live in an arbitrary, unfair, cartoon-like world.


I personally think they’re all actors, and the lady literally wearing her racism on her sleeve with the Cleveland Indians shirt is a nice touch. On the other hand, sadly, I can’t think of a single reason it couldn’t be real Trump supporters who just happen to have decent comedic delivery by accident.


Much as I’d prefer to live in that world, I strongly doubt it. That’s not Triumph’s thing.


I am going with actors. The big guy was a dead ringer for David Anthony Higgins.



writing something down here to satisfy the BB


Of course, that assumes that an actor has to be paid to believe evil things. Look at Trump himself–he’s a Reality TV actor, and nobody (presumably…) is paying him to do this. Or a certain aged Westerns actor who decided to talk to a chair a few years back…


Oh no argument there. But what I believe is that these are actors (or at least a certain percentage of them) being paid for this performance. Not just actors who also have such jacked up political and social views.


And T-Rump knows this. Remember a while ago when he said something like: “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose votes”?


They are both heavyset white guys with glasses but I’d hardly use “dead ringer.”


It was mannerisms and speech patterns that sold me. But hey, maybe I just don’t want to believe people are this stupid in real life (but I know better and it makes me sad)


How do we know this isn’t one of your tall tales :slight_smile: