Trump staffers are lying to prove their loyalty

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What’s the next test? Dye your hair orange? Kill an infant in front of their mother like an Unsullied? Eat from the cannibal stewpot like in Lucifer’s Hammer?


I know face-tattoos by gangs are a great way to make sure you are willing to go all the way for the cause. That might be a simpler and, dare I say?, more honest way of going about it.


Ummmmm, yeah they are

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I suspect that some staffers won’t be able to take the stress, will either goof in an interview, or leak stuff (which is apparently already happening.)


Trump face-tattoo. Check. Getting your picture taken while in a maintenance closet. Check.


15% of Trump voters believe that the Trump inauguration photo shows more people than a photo from Obama’s 2009 inauguration. That is, when looking at the photos side by side, 15% of Trump voters say that the picture with fewer people actually has more people.


I’ve heard this subtle form of dominance called “tasking”: force the subordinate to prove himself by doing some job or following an order that would be embarrassing or demeaning to him under other circumstances. For example, the chairman telling the CEO to fetch coffee at a board meeting.


FYI, I believe the Trump face tat was a prank.

I gotta say, the nepotism on display so far is absolutely galling. At least the Bushes, Clintons, Kennedys, et al. had enough sense to spread it around geographically and temporally.

I think the main reason I wasn’t excited about Hillary’s run is that I am generally opposed to dynasticism in politics, but of course Trump would find a way to do something even worse…


There is always incompetence.

Gambetta argues that something similar takes place among the baroni (barons) who oversee the selection committees involved in Italian academic promotions. While some fields are more meritocratic than others, he says, the struggle for advancement involves a great deal of horse trading. “The barons operate on the basis of a pact of reciprocity, which requires a lot of trust, for debts are repaid years later. …The most powerful figures in this system, says Gambetta, tend to be the least intellectually distinguished. … “… and this is what is the most intriguing, they do not try to hide their weakness. One has the impression that they almost flaunt it in personal contacts.” … Gambetta argues that the cheerful incompetence of the baroni is akin to the mafioso’s way of signaling that he can be “trusted” within his narrowly predatory limits.

“Being incompetent and displaying it,” he writes, “conveys the message I will not run away, for I have no strong legs to run anywhere else. In a corrupt academic market, being good at and interested in one’s own research, by contrast, signal a potential for a career independent of corrupt reciprocity…. In the Italian academic world, the kakistocrats are those who best assure others by displaying, through lack of competence and lack of interest in research, that they will comply with the pacts.”



Maybe there is a sizable Boing Boing crowd with too much time on their hands, but I’ve had it with:

Rob’s stupid Photoshops - I’m nearly to the point of blocking anything from him at all. They’re not clever and they don’t contribute to any sort of solution. I know he just posted (another) article claiming demand for them but if he were clever enough I would assume that the requests were generated by a bot. I am NOT a Trump supporter, just don’t support LW Trolls that make the rest of us look juvenile.

BB Staffers re-referencing the same supporting article to generate multiple articles. Seriously, how hard is it to check how many times you’ve referenced the same article before? You’re becoming as bad as Gothamist with the self-referential links and link-duplication.

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I guess we’ll need to wait for a little while before we can have a “Spicer or DPRK Spokesman?” quiz.


Welcome to BoingBoing! Always good to see another brand new commenter using his first comment to express his disappointment with the site.

What is an “LW Troll”? [ETA: ah, from a Google search returning a lot of right-wing Tweets and sites it seems to mean “left-wing troll”]


Hasn’t Kellyanne proven herself yet? Can we stop hearing her say stupid stuff?


“Poor Impulse Control.”


You should demand a refund.


That number seems low.

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I’m with you on the photoshop thing. It’s juvenile.


I have a feeling I would not like working for this guy.

Reminds me of when he wanted Romney “down on his knees” for his endorsement.