White House insiders: Trump ordered Sean Spicer to lie about crowd sizes because he was "demoralized"

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Such a snowflake!! He better go to his safe space at Trump Tower.


If you want to ascertain if someone is truly loyal to you, ask them to do something outrageous or stupid.

Guess we have to get used to that as a daily event then…




So you’re saying he’s a talking head who stopped making sense?


I believe the line I saw earlier about this was “Sean Spicer holds first press conference as hostage victim.”


I am fully in favor of Trump and his staff lying about things like this.

That way, when the Trump administration finally announces that they have found incontrovertible proof of an impending nucular attack by Iran, maybe people won’t believe them and the Trump presidency will actually turn out better than the Bush presidency.


As funny/scary as this is, aren’t the people in his administration a lot like abused women?
We may look at them and sneer and think, “just leave”. But the one controlling them has all the power. It makes me think more specifically about pro athlete wives that are abused. They are usually completely reliant upon their abuser to provide for them the lifestyle which they are now accustomed.
Am I overthinking this?


If there’s one bit of positive news out of the White House this week it’s that Trump’s administration has more leaks than a wiki boat.


Less than a week in office and his subordinates are already at each-other’s throats trying to curry favour with the thin-skinned caudillo while the administration issues blatant lies to the public. Call it a 'stan, call it a banana republic, call it an autocracy – whatever it is we’re right into it. At the rate he’s going, by this time next year he’ll be a wearing a gaudy gilt-lined uniform with medals across his chest.


It has occurred to me that as a real estate promoter, Trump comes from a world where to a real extant, if you say it often enough, it becomes true. “This is the greatest most opulent most exclusive apartment building ever. Amazing.” Once you convince enough of the right people to buy, more people who want to live in the same building as x or y or z celebrity, That creates “buzz” and demand and before you know it, it IS an exclusive building. The fact that the decorations are garish and noveau rich don’t really detract that much.

But of course he has actual engineers and architects doing the tough, fiddly bits. The problem is that for something like replacing the ACA, it’s ALL tough fiddly bits. You can’t just say “We have a great plan, it’s going to be awsome, you’ll love it.” Well, you obviously can, but it the elevators only go up to the 5th floor, people will notice, no mater how much gold paint that you use. And there simply isn’t all that much decoration and marketing on a health plan. If people get sick, and they can’t pay the doctor bills, they’ll notice no matter how flashy the brochures are.


How does any Republican sleep at night?

Dems haven’t slept since the election.


So far Trump has not been tested. I wonder how well he will cope when he is. Bullshit like this has been the closest thing to an unprepared decision. Everything else was glorified ribbon cutting - signing prepared orders effecively approved by his voters in front of the cameras.

What will he do when he faces a hostage crisis, terrorist attack or military loss that requires a more substantial response than inane bluster?


Republican sleep because they control both houses of congress. If Trump gets out of line and gets unpopular enough, they can impeach him. This works out especially well if they have already gotten him to sign into law things that will hurt his base and that they can blame him for.


Tough titties,

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What is this, Nazi Germany?


This is really the issue of why good business people don’t really make good public servants for the most part. In business, there is a lot of spin, a lot of marketing. In government, it’s all policy. Sure, the ACA had some marketing effort, but it wasn’t like super slick. It wasn’t, say, Coca-Cola, which barely has a product (sugar water) but sure has some great ads. Government gets judged by its results that it gives to people, not how many shareholders got rich this quarter.


I guess you can say the trigger-happy trumplethinskin’s triggered by the tragic truth.

I’ll see myself out.


Based on what we’ve seen thus far (campaign and his first few days in office) he will do what he wants. Be prepared for knee jerk reactions. As I’ve said before, the people he has surrounded himself with better be smart – but more importantly be willing to stand up to him.