Second WH official resigns over domestic abuse, David Sorensen's ex-wife tells of violence


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Somehow I think all were going to be hearing about for the next several days isn’t the sudden exit of two high profile woman beaters from Trump’s inner circle.

It’s going to be the fucking memo.



Pussy grabbers, and wife beaters, and russian puppets; oh my!


Just more grist for the “White men are the real victims these days!” mill.


A fish rots from the head down.


Most shocking tidbit of the whole story? that they’re resigning. I kind of assumed they’d just shrug it all off and say “so fucking what?”.


Mirror of ‘murica Deplorables in the WH


I think the big news here is that Trump actually has a speech writer.

The rest is, unfortunately, predictable.


Looks like he’s going for the MRA sympathy vote.


Yeah, but he got em from LePig (Maine’s own little Trumptard)


At risk of sounding PC - using terms like ‘Trumptard’ lowers the collective credibility of those who oppose what’s going on right now. It falls into the same reductionist category as those using the term ‘libtard’. It also denigrates by proxy those people with developmental disabilities - most of whom have nothing to do with this mess.
Let’s use our language more accurately and constructively - instead of ‘trumptards’, let’s replace with ‘rubes’ or ‘suckers’.


Regrettably, that seems to be a major demographic.


What a sorry excuse for a human; “but she slapped me.”


I wholeheartedly agree. Also, calling the President silly names doesn’t accomplish anything good. It’s tempting to believe if we call the President names, then everybody will see what we see, and not vote for him.

How well did that strategy work in 2004? How about 2012? It’s going to take a lot more than nanna-nanna-boo-boo to save democracy.


I am shocked, shocked, to learn that a president who brags about grabbing pussies and who acted like a creepy stalker during his debate with Clinton turns out to have a cabinet full of wife beaters.


I’m more shocked that these people …

… have wives in the first place.


tl;dr: Throwing Dirt Loses Ground.


I’ve been slapped before*. And she got what she deserved, the back of my head, walking away forever.

If you need to hit someone, you’ve lost.

(* for the record, it was because I said ‘no’)


I always thought that the label “Trump supporter” was enough of an epithet on its own.


a.k.a the Stockholm vote