Lies about spying, and the lying lawmakers who tell them

Lying’s not a crime in America, but leaking the truth is: “A pattern of misleading testimony by senior Obama administration officials has weakened Congress’s ability to rein in government surveillance.” [The Washington Post] READ THE REST

Actually lying is a crime. Martha Stewart didn’t go to prison for insider trading, but for lying to the FBI during an interview.

So we hear nothing but lies from Congresscritters, Senators and administrative officials for how many years, and now the critters are blaming Obama’s administration for not being able to do their jobs? Further, so many media outlets also announce outright fabrications to appease their viewer base…WTF? To quote the episode of South Park I saw last night, “How did we let the bar for acceptable behavior get so low?”

I thought that lying to Congress was a crime - didn’t Roger Clemens have to go to trial over charges that he lied under oath to Congress?

Lying under oath == perjury which is a crime right?


I seem to recall at least one President accused of the same thing.

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I’m not saying the Romantics are to blame but the Romantics are to blame.

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