FBI agent faces discipline for alleged polygraph countermeasures

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They could just junk the polygraph exam and upgrade to an already large and trained workforce equipped with their own e-meters, perfect for culty organizations of all kinds.


It is odd that the people who disbelieve real science (like biological evolution and climatology) are so susceptible to believing junk quasi-medical science, like polygraphs.
There are now some psychiatrists prepared to argue that ADHD isn’t a real condition and that Ritalin has effects equivalent to those of cocaine, eventually becoming ineffective.
And at one time people with mental illness were treated by cutting into their prefrontal lobes - not in some weird Inca ritual but in the US in the 20th century.


What’s shocking is that the US Dept of Energy uses these things against its employees and contractors, or at least those of us in the nucular-weapons-industrial-complex branch of the DOE.

Funny thing is that they’re the largest supporter of Big Science in the country - and they run their security with witchcraft and hocum.

I’ve never had one, but I’m dreading that my career’s future may be based on how I respond to it. Colleagues have related that roughly half of the tests are relaxed and focused on “are you a spy” and half are quite antagonistic. How do you respond to someone with all of the power to ruin your career/life?

Sure, I signed up for this and can quit any day, but damn…

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