FBI agents pose as repairmen to enter private places without a warrant





I certainly feel safer now.


The video portrays this as a waste of time. That may be, but I think the question about entering someone’s premises covertly in order to get a warrant to enter the premises legally is far more worrying.


Hey the more they go after the gamblers, the less time they have to spend on activists. I say go gettum!


Thank god they’ve now stopped all the gambling in Las Vegas.


The precedents are… worrisome, at best.


Fighting never-ending, futile battles is great job security. It’s what the U.S. is best at.


As an actual cable guy, this pisses me off. Hoping this doesn’t go viral or I may find myself trying to convince my customers that yes, I’m who I say I am and not the FBI…I promise.


And just why should we believe you?




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