FBI charges woman with stealing Pelosi laptop and trying to send it to Russian intelligence

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/01/18/fbi-charges-woman-with-stealing-pelosi-laptop-and-trying-to-send-it-to-russian-intelligence.html


Getting ratted out by her own mom was a nice touch.


If it wasn’t true, I would say that this comes directly out of a Tom Clancy’s bestseller…


More like a Cohen Brothers farce.

This is more or less the same harebrained scheme Francis McDormand’s character tried in Burn After Reading.


Um no actually, that factoid does very little to help me understand all this. Unless what I’m being led to understand is that the US is all just a dream that say, Salvador Dali is currently having.


Jesus CHRIST! The US is really, really scaring me these days. I can’t help but envision the same story set in a different country and trying to imagine the consequences for such actions. Bonus points for picturing what the same American woman would think about an overseas perpetrator committing the exact same crime. The self-righteous cognitive dissonance that I’ve seen is severely troubling… always has been.


I can’t even imagine that story taking place in another country


Family members turning in Capitol terrorists is shaping up to be a trend. I suspect for many it’s a last-ditch effort to bring their kin back to some semblance of reality (or, at least, to have some pride and ask your Russian spymaster/autocrat to compensate you for your efforts).


Selling out your country to pwn the libs?
At no point did she ever question whether or not she was the “good guy.” When you build a society around the idea that no matter what you do you’re good and they’re bad, really scary shit follows


A patriot she ain’t


It’s not just your perception. The FBI has verified.

I was reading an article the other day about people reeling from the fallout of the terrorist insurrection. Nearly everyone said the same thing, “I would never believe this could happen in America.” My thought was that the only reason you can’t imagine this happening is because you live in America. The vast majority of the world deals with this type of instability every 5, 10, 20 or 50 years and all the attendant issues such as famine, tribalism and fascism. It’s no coincidence that the most ardent anti-vaxxers tend to come from nations with higher inoculation rates (fundamentalist terrorist warlords notwithstanding).


I think maybe Rob’s point is, if you somehow manage to understand that factoid, then you will have solved the puzzle.

And let the rest of us know the solution too…


From scanning the FBI complaint, her dad took her to the insurrection:

  1. According to the Harrisburg officers, on or about January 16, 2021, officers called WILLIAMS’ father who resides in Camp Hill, PA. He stated that he drove to Washington, D.C., with WILLIAMS for the protests on January 6, 2021.

She totally looks like an “eye-roller”

Like if you provide evidence that her election-stealing conspiracy isn’t true, she would roll her eyes and say “yeah ok, you’ve convinced me”


The real crime is that mug shot’s aspect ratio.


Rob’s point is that she WAS recruited.


Send it TO the Russians? Jesus Christ, Reagan is spinning in his grave.


You might not be the specific audience for that remark, perhaps? A lot of people, people that might be described as everyday Americans, just don’t accept that this sort of person even exists. It’s incomprehensible to them that there are Americans committed to destroying their own country who would use a foreign government to do it without themselves working for that government.

In media, especially, we tend to require or imagine further motives or pathologies (payment, foreign affiliation/loyalty, mental illness) before they will accept the existence of the problem or the person. We like to have that story to tell and people who are a poor fit for such stories tend to disappear quickly from the news.


Heck, trump primed us for this when he literally asked Russia for help in the election.


I don’t know much about Williams obviously so can’t rightly apply this to her, but this case makes me think of how many young smalltown losers, freed from absolute poverty but crushed by debt and their beige basement walls, have the geopolitical imaginations of Bond villains. They identify with Elon Musk more than they do their slowly-failing unretired middle-class parents.

It’s like a grim joke about Horseshoe Theory: Neoliberal Edition. But instead of dreaming of Mars, it’s something more like Gilead. But they don’t really care about that, either, they just know that whatever it is, it won’t have libs in it.