FBI hunts suspect in rare analog espionage case targeting Houston energy firm

Honestly, being a native Houstonian I can say a couple things with reasonable certainty:

  1. Houston companies are likely really soft targets for this sort of thing, being on the “third coast” and all. We’re sort of forgotten around here.
  2. I’m not worried about “attacks on the US power grid” from getting into companies in Houston’s energy corridor; if there are big secrets they are likely about ERCOT and Texas’ power grid, since the state is largely serviced by its own disconnected grid. I am more worried about someone gaining access to storage facilities or refineries in the shipchannel area. That would be an environmental disaster for Houston and an economic disaster for the entire country.
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He’s white so therefore not a terrorist. He’s either “disgruntled employee” or “quiet neighbor no one suspected.”

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