FBI hunts suspect in rare analog espionage case targeting Houston energy firm


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/10/05/fbi-hunts-suspect-in-rare-anal.html


So thieves are espionagists now?


He took my red stapler!


it’s like cross training or something. warrior-mage, espionagist-thief, smoker-drinker. writer-director. everybody’s doing it these days.


I would think there’s only one possible explanation. Who would know where the defective door is? Bin Laden? Or an employee? And running off with the radio - are terrorists that unprofessional?


Shut these fuckers down. The USA needs no help in self-destructing on its current course towards oligarchical farcicacy.

P.S. Yes, I know “farcicacy” isn’t a word, but it’s a pro po, no?


My wife’s Houston based company had a guy in a baseball cap sneak onto their site and pass their physical-only IP onto their competitors a couple years ago. Apparently it’s a tool of the trade.


The motive?
Free stuff!


You may want to check the shorten version of the BB post before publishing, or you it may end up on a smart fridge at home depot:


Who exactly do you want to shut down farcicacally? Burglars or power companies?


LOL. I guess that’s medium for the US…


I think Boingboing also posted about the Metcalf sniper attack:

Seems like these things would be related no?


Yes, was thinking exactly the same thing! Guess those vertical black bars are slimming.


We’re shaped like our bell curve, okay. Now can you lay off :wink:


Button-down shirt and khakis, the second time with a tie. At least he passes minimum dress code for casual Friday.


Reminds me of a guy I knew in highschool (the person in the video is not him). He was into urban exploration and not just the abandoned buildings, when he would go into places he would take something on his way out.

They should be looking for someone with a connection to the facility but does not work there currently and owns a cat.


And angry people are terrorists. Try to keep up.


No, terrorists are everyone we disagree with.


Maybe he’s just trying to collect parts for a time machine.


You haven’t really arrived until they make a whole new word for you, like “devops.”