FBI investigating cyber attack on CA Democratic congressional candidate's campaign

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/17/fbi-investigating-cyber-attack.html


“Details of the hack… highlight the concerns of national security experts who fear that campaigns are woefully unprotected as the November mid-term elections approach.”

Just the way Trump, the GOP, and Putin want it.


But he’s a Democrat.
He’s not a real American anyway.

That way, if there is a Blue Wave, they can blame it on the Russians and invalidate the election. That’s the game plan, right?

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I don’t think that even a very right-leaning Supreme Court would see it that way; so far, the Russians have not been able to get into the actual vote-tallying apparatus. Fingers are so fucking crossed.

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How do we know that?

Ya gotta watch out for those 10 year old kids, though.

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That’s the word… so far (hence fingers crossed).

Hacked into replica election reporting websites. Not the same as the vote-count apparatus, which is what I was commenting on:

“It would be extremely difficult to replicate these systems since many states utilize unique networks and custom-built databases with new and updated security protocols,” it read. “While it is undeniable websites are vulnerable to hackers, election night reporting websites are only used to publish preliminary, unofficial results for the public and the media. The sites are not connected to vote counting equipment and could never change actual election results.”

All that said, I see absolutely no reason to NOT immediately institute a total shotgun approach to ANYTHING having to do with vote-counts AND vote-reporting; there should be an assumption that the absolute worst case election hacking WILL happen this Fall, and beyond, and work that to the ground ASAP. Anything less makes no sense.


Salt the races with a few ringers:

“My name is Ackbar Honeypot, and I’d like to be your Representative this November.”

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For reference, Hans Keirstead was once the Dem opponent of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R - Kremlin). Somehow I can sense where this investigation will end up…

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