11-Year-Old Changes Election Results On Florida's Website at Defcon




Mmm, craplicious.

This is a topic I try very, very hard NOT to think about every single day. The evil clowns who run all our governments give me no confidence whatsoever that they’re capable of recognizing this problem let alone dealing with it. As for dealing with it adequately! I suppose that as the defenceless, third-rate nation we’re currently on track to be (if not are already), we will be whatever Russia, Bannon and/or Kim want us to be. No one appears to be minding the store. No one appears to know HOW to mind the store. I’m glad I’m very old. And our leaders make me feel older and older every day.

“Problem”? What problem? The Russians want to help Trump. I’m convinced that’s the reason this administration won’t take action. Why should they? To prevent the Russian hackers from stopping a Blue Wave?

There ARE a few people in our governments (plural) who are unhappy with Mr. Trump. Who just might be able to DO something in response to this continuing Pearl Harbor of our (so-called) democracy.


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