FBI training video describes how to survive an active shooter: Run. Hide. Fight.

Toward the end it says you can survive a mass shooting.

Sure, if you’re not the first 3 or 4 or 5 people who didn’t see it coming.

If I can run faster should I knock the slow pokes down? If I found a hiding place first should I claim it as my own? Once I baracade the door do I open it when I hear the frantic please for help?

In other words am I fighting the others to survive?

Ban the damn guns already so I don’t have to watch videos on how to survive.



I truly hate “every man for himself” kind of advice.


I know this is not a new thing but how will I survive a mass shooting at a concert if I can’t call 911?


A friend of mine is going to this concert coincidentally, and it’s not like having a phone free experience is new nor would it be hard to sneak in a phone or something to record and take pictures if someone was motivated enough


Some of us are old enough to remember when a phone-free concert was just, you know, a concert. Sigh.

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No but we do have plenty of active-shooter training and drills. Army bases have seen their fair share of mass shootings, for example:


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I am old enough to have concert tickets for 7 and 10 bucks for Queen.

I also enjoy a little memory from some shows because I can barely remember my way home some days.

But… We also didn’t have mass shootings at concerts when I was a youngster.

I was just making a sarcastic mass shooting reference.

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