FBI training video describes how to survive an active shooter: Run. Hide. Fight.

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Where’s that “good guy with a gun” that the ammosexuals always insist will save the day in these situations?

[Answer: where he always is, in their dweeby little action-hero fantasies.]


Sadly at my work i had to sit through a training module for this type of content. It included ridiculous slides in the video with screen caps from the Matrix and Terminator. Something about such a topic being training for my workplace is supremely weird. I hate this reality


Run*. Hide. Fight. As soon as you hear the shots that tell you that 5-20 of your classmates/colleagues/fellow shoppers are in the process of dying, be sure to employ one of these options.

They left out the hardest but most effective option: regulate.

*All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run faster than my bullet


It’s good advice if you find yourself in that situation. It doesn’t address the question of why people keep finding themselves in that situation, but unfortunately, that’s not for the FBI to resolve. It’s down to the politicians, and enough of them still seem to be on the “thoughts and prayers” track to ensure that nothing will change.

There’s probably a great comedy sketch to be written on the subject of what politicians should do if approached by constituents demanding gun control.

“As a politician, you might be approached at any moment by people demanding that you do something about our nation’s growing problem with guns. This short video shows you how you can keep yourself safe by following this advice from the FBI … Run … Hide … Fight …”


Mine was a video online made on a car dealer commercial budget. They didn’t include the active shooter. Just people reacting to shots. Like a “Duck and Cover” film of the 50’s.


Also: vote and volunteer for your local/state/ national gun control candidates.


How about starting with educate? Teach the facts about firearms in society instead of the myths and fairy tales? The problem is people can’t actually conceive of numbers that large - they can cope with them as abstract terms in their math classes, but to imagine a million dollars is a world apart from physically seeing a million dollar bills.

“Run, Hide, Fight” is how conservatives would have us approach EVERY social problem.


And to paraphrase Syndrome, “When everyone is a good guy with a gun, no one will be.”

The inevitable result of everyone armed and ready to be a fantasy hero:



should the unthinkable occur

Unthinkable” means:

1**:** not capable of being grasped by the mind
2**:** being contrary to what is reasonable, desirable, or probable : being out of the question

Given the regularity of shootings in the US, they might want to use a different word. Shootings here are so commonplace as to defy “unthinkable” as a label.


“Should the thinkable occur …”


Like this, I think:

Learning these principles now will prepare and empower you to put them into practice—and survive—under normal circumstances.


The version of this training I watched for work—90% of our staff are paper-pushing bureaucrats, myself included—mentioned something like this at the end: “Fighting is a last resort. You maybe be able to improvise weapons from items at your desk like a letter opener, box cutter, or lead pipe.” Apparently we all missed the day when stated-issued lead pipes were distributed, much to our consternation.

Something to add to future versions of active shooter training: my coworkers who have offices with exterior windows brought in bricks to break the glass if other escape routes are cut off. It’s unlikely but certainly not unthinkable that we’ll need to use them one day.


i think Col. Mustard has the lead pipe in the kitchen.
you might find a candlestick in the parlor, however.


I mean, not all of us are Gordon Freeman and habitually carry around a 36" wrecking bar and wear a fancy HEV suit… /sarcasm

(I have also had to sit through similar training at work; but given the nature of the company, some of it’s entirely justified.)


i hope everyone here getting combat drills also gets some diversity equity and inclusion trainings.

the thought occurs to me because republicans say its somehow dei that hurts people, and not say images of trauma and wondering which of co-worker is likeliest to commit mass murder


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I work for an American company that operates in Canada. They have training videos/online classes we are required to complete quarterly. This quarter brought a course on active shooters and this is pretty much the same message.

Except this is super rare in Canada.


I wonder if the army has training films on how to deal with unruly customers at the PX.

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