FBI used Burning Man to field-test new surveillance equipment


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2015/09/08/fbi-used-burning-man-to-field.html


Gotta love a futurist. Truth is just as strange as good fiction. Well predicted CD!


BM had jumped the shark by 2002 at least. And I am saying this as one who has never been there.

I just wish I had gone in the 90s when it was still a ‘thing’.


File this in the archives of “duh” and never again talk to me about the merits of burning man at a party …or anywhere, really.


Moral: use a burner phone.


I have to say, why the hell not? If they have to test their new toys, where are they going to find a more diverse and sophisticated population, just broadcasting away? Is this meant to be an outrage? Because I fail to be outraged.


The only 2 people I can trust are thee and me, and sometimes I’m not so sure about thee.


What would be the right-wing analog to BM where the FBI could test out new surveillance tech? A stockholders meeting at Berkshire Hathaway? Is this really an adequate use of FBI resources?



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