FCC trying to stop phone companies that rip off prisoners' families

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Translation: “Nope, don’t try to free the hostages we’ve taken, it’ll be way too risky for them; just leave us to our business.”


Couldn’t the FCC just yank those companies registrations to end the lawsuit? I’d think loosing your license to act as a carrier would sorta yank the rug from under the greedy bastards.

This should be easy. If the claim mentioned in the article (“Securus argued that the rate caps are below its costs of doing business and said it would appeal to the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals”) is true, then Securus (and its owner Abry Partners) should be able to quickly prove it. Some of us remain skeptical, either of the statement at face value or what “costs of doing business” might contain… I guess if (as the linked article notes) “commissions… as high as 96 percent of call revenue” is a cost of business, then there isn’t any profit to be had with lower rates.

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I believe Senator Sanders is working on this issue, although it’s going nowhere with this Congress.

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Be nice if they could. But I think the Republicans (the ones the companies bought) would put the hammer down on that.

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