FDA bans trans fat from American food products

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I will not rest until Oreos are once more made with lard, and McDonald’s fries are properly fried in beef tallow. VIVA LA…FAT, I guess.


Interesting. I did not know about the cake mix.

Yeah, this makes sense. Rush Limbaugh will wail that this is a KenyoSocialist strike against Christian civilization and the contributions of food scientists to national greatness, but fuck him. He’s probably 99% transfats by now and just feels this is a personal attack.

So, yeah. Like writebastard just posted, back to using real fat. I imagine we’ll have to come up with some better substitutes for Kosher and Vegan purposes, but it’ll happen.

ADDED: There was a bit in Slate the other day about the goo you find in cans of chick peas. Turns out it can be whipped into a sort of mousse, and used as the base for Vegan dishes and baked goods.

How many tons of that glop was rinsed down the drain over the decades?

Surely there’s some food by-product that will sub for transfats.


Trans fats aren’t all going to be eliminated from the American diet. There are plenty of naturally occurring trans fats all over the place.

The ban is only on “artificial” trans fats, aka oils that had been partially hydrogenated by taking a perviously non-hydrogenated oil and turning it into a hydrogenated one. Even those will possibly be creeping in because the FDA allows fats that are less than .5 of a gram per serving to be listed as 0 grams of any kind of fat or oil (that’s how Pam fat free cooking spray can be fat free despite being made up of 90% oils/fats).


Limbaugh is hilarious. And by that I mean bloated, drug-addled freak.
I like people who conflate our Bill of Rights with stuff that goes in our food.
Because Freedom of Speech is TOTALLY the same as allowing companies to do whatever they want.


‘Something else’ will be palm oil, right? Or is it possible to hydrogenate oils without producing trans fats these days?

Complete hydrogenation doesn’t generate trans-fats, but saturated fats. Only partial hydrogenation does this. There’s still lard, tallow, butter, and whatever else they can think of. The environmental consequences of palm oil notwithstanding, trans-fat is hardly a better alternative.


I’m inclined to agree, but I’m always fascinated by the weird trade-offs between ethics and health when it comes to food. I could imagine someone taking an ethical stance along the lines of “eating hydrogenated fats will shorten my life but it’s worth it to uphold my values of veganism and orangutan protection.”

Yeah, palm and coconut oil are the most likely substances. Companies already started switching to them years ago so they could put 0 trans-fat on their labels.

Don’t be hypocritical. BB likes drugs.

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And now, a word from the American Freedom Council for Freedom Fries…


The GOP Christ’stopo will not be happy about this!

Sadly this will likely make them live longer…

What exactly is wrong with eating trans fat if I like trans fat?

If you don’t like trans fat, don’t eat food with trans fat.

Tolerance! It’s a beautiful thing!

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First, they came for the margarine, and I did not speak out…


Eat all you want.

There are drugs, then there is drug addled - like Limbaugh.

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Defy the FDA? Wouldn’t that make me one of those “people who conflate our Bill of Rights with stuff that goes in our food”? Quelle horreur!


I suspect that those are actually healthier.

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So, get rid of all food standards, and let the invisible hand of the market decide? People should be able to buy poisonous food if they want? Would the producers need to label this ‘food’ accurately?


Just tell him that those are the kinds of fats that Trans people use and he’ll be all for the ban.