Heart attack on a hook

On Long John Silver’s “Big Catch” meal: “This company is taking perfectly healthy fish and entombing it in a thick crust of batter and partially hydrogenated oil.” -Center for Science in the Public Interest executive director Michael F. Jacobson. The dish has 16 days’ recommended allowance of transfats. READ THE REST

There’s a recommended daily allowance of transfats? Other than “zero” ?

Important distinction: that’s 16 times the RDA, as recommended by the American Heart Association.

The AHA is not in charge of food labeling or setting Daily Reference Value guidelines. That’s the FDA’s gig, and the FDA does not provide a figure for trans fats.

So ultimately, that “16 times” business is as much pulling numbers out of nowhere as the “3x bigger” is in the ad copy for the LJS Big Catch itself.

Regardless, that’s still a lot of fat, and it jives with my relatively rare experiences with LJS, that they don’t heat their oil hot enough and end up with a soggy mess more often than not. It’s a shame because fried fish is delicious, but their batter is way too thick and the oil too cool and the product they serve is just gross.

Moving to Seattle has ruined me for seafood. I would never go to Long John Silvers or anything like it anymore, not even Red Lobster if it can be helped. That said I love good fish and chips but only have it once a month at best as it really is not a healthy food choice.

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This is fine, since I only order the Big Catch twice a month anyway,

or as they call it in Scotland, Friday night supper.
Ooh, I could go a chipper.

I’m pretty sure it’s dead and no longer healthy by that point.


Makes you wonder what the lobbying budget of the American Transfat Manufacturers Association is like.

Long John Silver’s is one of those places who deploy a magical amnesia ingredient that makes your forgot how utterly disgusting their food is after a few weeks.

The closest Long John Silver’s to me is also a Taco Bell, whose food also has that “Jesus Christ, why do I never seem to learn this stuff is shit?” effect.

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Es muy macho contra un pez, si es un pescado.

– Tennessee Williams (or possibly Gore Vidal.)

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Every now and then I have a craving for fried fish. But I think I’ll stick to Luby’s because it is actually good.

I can only imagine it’s as massive as that slab of haddock.

But seriously, I’d pay good money to spy on one of their dinners.

Screw the CSPI the only reason it contains that much trans fat is because the CSPI forced them to switch from Lard to Crisco back in the early 80’s. Now they are blaming the fast food industry for their and the govt’s screw up. Don’t believe me look it up.

I wouldn’t have guessed that a drive-in cafeteria served good fried fish.

I like whatever magical ingredients go into their breading because it is crunchy and the fish doesn’t dry out. Also, Luby’s tastes kind of like my grandma’s cooking so there’s a whole nostalgia factor for me.

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