FDA rejects MDMA for PTSD treatment

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/06/06/fda-rejects-mdma-for-ptsd-treatment.html


From what else I’ve read of the study, this is what should’ve happened.

Hopefully it won’t stop a well done study from being attempted.


There for sure should be more studies.

Reports of “adverse side effects” as it were but pulling a lot of that from user experience in the wild is bad science. Some guy who knows a guy is not going to be up to snuff doing ANY sort of cleanup chromatography, much less the chiral separations you’d really need for this compound.


Reading FDA’s review of MDMA for PTSD highlights study bias and safety concerns | Ars Technica sounds like they did not follow there own submitted studie proposal failing to make sure it was double blind and also not collecting medical data that they agreed to collect on potential heart risks combined with dubious touch therapy that has already led to one claim of sexual abuse. This one study has done more harm than good.


Okay, DuckDuckGo got me the Someone Who Isn’t Me expansion for SWIM, but I might’ve still missed it. Yeah, I’m not seeing the roster of 100% likely side effects that they passed from, but I guess the studies haven’t nailed it yet. Bah.


To be fair, it sounds like they tried to make it a blind test, but most of the participants could easily tell they were taking E.
I’m not sure what the solution is to that, maybe use amphetamines as the placebo? :wink:

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