Historic FDA approval granted for Ecstasy trial as PTSD treatment

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Let’s keep in mind, we’re talking about the Trump FDA.

That said, the work around that HAS looked promising for a long time.


That an illegal dancefloor drug could become a promising pharmaceutical…

Umm, it was a “promising pharmaceutical” long before it became “an illegal dancefloor drug.”

It didn’t get outlawed until people started having fun with it.


Trump likes XTC.


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Would ya just look at it.


It’s like you’ve stumbled onto the great secret of how Drug Wars actually work!

It really doesn’t matter how much pain or suffering is inflicted on innocent bystanders - any amount of collateral damage is acceptable - as long as we can be sure those people aren’t having fun.


Beat me to it. Here’s hoping that “cooler heads” prevail.

Your hypothesis not only withstands scrutiny, it’s strengthened by it.

Could it really be, that all this misery is down to the stupid pettiness of a few powerful arseholes?

Wait, of course it is - it’s the same story for nearly every major problem.


If we remind him he has any authority on this he might play doctor and the clinical trial might only be extended to a cohort of eastern European models.

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Well, it has probably been in the pipeline for quite a while; I really don’t know how much or even if drumpf’s (or his minions) fingers have left their greasy prints on it. But I can imagine Jeffy Sessions’ head exploding over this.

There is no way Sessions lets this happen.

I’m on the fence about this decision

So… it has pretty much the exact same potential adverse side effects as most widely-used SSRIs?

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It actually adds on to the list of side effects from what i gathered

I’ve heard it’s a possible treatment for my migraines. I haven’t been offered any, though… too old, I guess. I was offered a remarkably large bottle of laudanum, which I declined.

Lately I have been taking 5mg melatonin before bedtime and it really seems to be helping prevent nighttime migraines, which are the worst.

SSRIs and SNRI have been pretty useless in helping me deal with my PTSD. I’d be willing to give MDMA a go under clinical supervision.

I’m sorry to hear that, I hope it does fix it, i can’t begin to imagine what it must be like, i knew an Afghan vet that said he couldn’t sleep without taking the meds

Strangely, this concept doesn’t doesn’t apply to guns, which many people find fun.


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