5,000 orange ecstasy tablets shaped like Trump's head seized by German police


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/22/trump-mdma.html

Large shipment of Trump ecstasy pills seized in Germany

Saw that in my feed this morning; didn’t click on it.

I dunno about anyone else, but giving drugs names with negative connotations make me less likely to do them, not more so.


Not orange enough, hands aren’t tiny enough, hair weave not implausible enough
(or whatever that dead muskrat is on his head)
please see me after class


Can you take MDMA as a suppository?


If it was ketamine I’d understand!


or hemlock!


Looks like a Flintstones vitamin made by a schlocky 70s horror type artist.


And Angela is found happily playing Farm Simulator? Coincidence? I think not


Maybe that’s the idea. Increasing MDMA usage in the UK during the late 80s and early 90s is correlated with a reduction in football hooliganism.


or a strong laxative mixed with gold glitter!


Sources tell me that these orange pills do not give you a boner.


They got caught because people were spitting them out? That’s what I thought…


Trump’s vibe may be the opposite, but the experience of BEING Trump – the drunken adulation of idiots, the endless conversations that go nowhere, purely mechanical horniness that can never reach a climax – there’s many who would gladly pay for that.


Gets you into a ‘Trump Trance’. Nothing good about that.


I believe that’s a different drug



Funny you should say that. Didn’t I once hear someone say that Trump looked like a Flintstones vitamin made by a schlocky 70s horror type artist?


At least he’s making some people happy, if only for an hour.


Yeah, I’d think just the association would make it more likely to be a bad trip (I believe such things are possible even on ecstasy), not to mention that I’d be more likely to assume the pills were dangerous fakes - orange colored rat poison or something.



And I totally know people who had bad experiences with ecstasy…


No way I’m putting that in my mouth.