America's leading nickname for crystal meth is "Donald Trump"


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Friends don’t let friends Trump.



That’s it. I’m off the stuff.


Both are loved by a considerable number of rural white folk, and both will have a detrimental effect on those rural white folk.


The BEST brand.



With Trump praising Rodrigo Duterte for personally executing drug dealers, this could get messy in a hurry. Do we have any tweets yet?


He’s still eating the steak, ketchup and chocolate cake. It won’t be ready to come out again for another seven or eight hours.


What’s funny to me about this, is crank is often orange.

…OK, we won’t discuss how I know that >.> …


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


Trump is stranger than truth and/or fiction combined. In fact he’s stranger than a puny little word like strange can even begin to cover.


This is your brain… on Trump?


Did someone say Krank? I love Krank.


Gives new meaning to the phrase “losing sleep over Donald Trump.”


*45’s lawyers are trying to figure out where to send the cease-and-desist letter.


This is my kind of drug.


Donald Trump got crack named after him?
Still better than santorum named after Rick Santorum.


Also sold by the street name “Covfefe.”


ok we are playing this game. Here you go