Fear of clustered small holes

At that age I had a sort of recurring dream about ice and pins and logs, and maybe it was just the association of sharp, cold, crushing, breaking, and wetness. I had not thought of that in 30 years.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being afraid; it’s how you deal with the fear that matters. Now go ahead and eat that Ethiopian bread and become the hero we’ve all been waiting for.

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Nope. I know a few people who have it.

Nope. Ever since I was a kid, I was freaked out by things like coral and catalytic converters. The stuff on the Reddit sub is just gross stuff. Not like the commonplace things that have always revulsed me.

From my indirect experience (I’ve got a few friends who have it), it’s triggered by a lot more than just holes. I can’t show them pics of a lotus pod or a macro shot of a bread slice without them getting seriously squicked, but at the same time they have the exact same response to other things - typically also “clustery” in nature.

I’m leaning towards the association theory myself, as many of the other things are squicky in and of themselves. (Molds, skin lesions, infestations, etc)

So…rather than fear, what if you find it cool as hell? :smiley:

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So a Sierpinski Gasket is the ultimate Horror From Another Dimension for these people? I guess that means they’d have to get therapy before attempting to study certain branches of Mathematics.


Interesting! For me, it’s hole-y patterns in things. I’m surprised that there is a name for this sensitivity.

Maybe this


will blunt the banana offensive then.

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I smashed into a nice soft pile of dust! That I can deal with.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Me too.

Wow, there is even a name for it. Thank God, I thought I was the only one.

You are. The posters up above are humoring you.

This picture makes me hungry. But I think its the generous amount of butter rather than the tiny holes.

I read the news today oh, boy
Four thousand holes in blackburn, lancashire
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the albert hall
I’d love to turn you on


So what’s the opinion on Aero and Mirage chocolate bars?

I’m not squicked, but rather morbidly curious. As a child I used to leaf through my grandfather’s medical books with relish, particularly fascinated by fungal infections. Specifically where they are clean enough that the pattern of growth is visible (as opposed to just swollen tissue)

I should have become a podiatrist I guess.

That bread just looks plain tasty. English muffins anyone?

On the other hand I have an absolute aversion to moldy fruits and vegetables. I have no rational explanation as to why a green fuzzy lemon is more disgusting to me than trench foot, or, in fact a green fuzzy foot :confused:

Maybe because it makes me think for a split second of eating the moldy rotten foodstuff, and that’s apparently where I draw the line.

By the way, it’s entirely tactile. I don’t mind looking at moldy fruit, but even thinking of the way it feels to touch makes me shudder.


Oooh I love the sound of walking over marble floors, but I hate any kind of scraping/licking/smacking sound so much it’s almost embarrassing. I often wonder the same thing? What is the root of these kinds of aversions?

I can’t stand putting my hand on dry papers for very long. Think about that for a second. Not much fun in school. I used to write by placing a pencil beneath my writing hand so that I didn’t have to touch the paper. These days I just use a lot of hand lotion.

I don’t like to see otherwise viable food in the trash, gutter, etc, I think for the same reason. If someone’s discarded a piece of candy in the toilet, it grosses me out.

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Maybe this just tweaks a natural anxiety about parasites? All of the images seem to be found things that resemble larvae infestations.

My gf thinks even the USA world cup suits are disgusting because of the holes in the back. I wonder what a tour on that reddit would do to her…

I think I can pinpoint few things which contribute the most for my disgust of holes (mostly on human skin):

  1. I saw a documentary about those damn frogs when I was little.
  2. the finger with dark hole picture on the net, probably ten years old.
  3. news about a woman who had a fly maggot in her head 10 to 15 years ago. They showed the damn operation where the maggot was removed.