Michelle Duggar’s Sacred Blessings 2016 Motherhood & Marriage Nature Calendar


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She really needs to add this toad to the calendar


My god the spiders.


That June picture just melts my heart so much I can’t bear to have it ruined by that quote.


Shudder… I’ll take the cup-o-spiders thank you very much.


Here, have some matriphagy.


Meh, I can squish the spiders. I can’t un-see parasitic toad-babies pulsating beneath the surface before forcing their way out like a a Bot Fly. Maybe with a touch of Trypophobia?


Did someone say “trypophobia”?*

  • (not to be confused with “tripeophobia”, “Fear of clustered holes or pods served up with onions in white sauce as part of English regional cuisine”, which is not irrational at all).


That’s a uterus, isn’t it. Japan has some game about a uterus. I can only imagine what the concept is… I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised any more… but come on, Japan.




The thing is, it’s not an irrational fear or revulsion when what you’re looking at is pretty much objectively disgusting. Pretty sure people without trypophobia are still skeezed out by people’s hands looking like they got put through a waffle iron made out of razors. Honeycombs, I’m okay with. Macrophotos of strawberries? Tasty. Lotus seeds? Fine. A hand that looks like someone took a holepunch to it? That’s gross. I can imagine my own hand getting injured that way. It’s not irrational, nobody’d enjoy looking at that. Just like nobody’d enjoy looking a scab getting pulled off. It’s an injury.


Are you sure this isn’the from LiartownUSA? Fundamentalists are weird.


You are evil


when you have a long Google Images link like that, the only significant elements in the URL are




That mama possum has the perfect facial expression for her situation.


What I really needed was a nice animated version of lmgtfy. Alas. jokes aren’t meant to be autopsied.