Federal judge blocks Indiana abortion restriction


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I continue to be baffled by these bullshit and insulting restrictions. What’s the chance that these are being pushed into law by Republicans? How is it possible they can drum up the fear of Sharia Law, as well as carping about government regulation/restriction that hampers their businesses…but it’s okay to mandate a fucking funeral for an aborted fetus???

I just…wtf, over?

EDIT: However, chalk up another legal win for sanity. And worth posting here:


It’s nice to read about some sanity happening, somewhere.


I found this quote particularly disturbing:

“[Kara Brooks, Pence’s spokeswoman] says Pence believes citizens should be allowed ‘to determine appropriate medical safety standards and procedures through their elected representatives.’”

Translation: We feel that any random group of non-medically-trained citizens with “deeply held religious beliefs” should be able to get their equally non-medically-trained elected officials to outlaw the perfectly sound medical decisions of other citizens whose judgment they simply disagree with as long as the law purports to involve those safety standards nobody involved is trained and experienced enough to determine.

This was the rationale behind the Texas and other TRAP laws, but she actually admitted as much here which I haven’t seen others do as clearly.


The good news keeps rolling in:



Half full: the law was overturned.

Half empty: The Legislative and Executive branches thought this was not only a good idea but necessary in the first place.

I’m generally an optimist but I could go either way here, especially since the Judiciary isn’t immune to dimwittedness either.


I wonder what Pence would say if the American Medical Association sent a message to Indiana’s governor outlining a law for the governor to sign mandating, say, that state funds be reallocated from the budgets of state legislators to Indiana hospitals. After all, if it’s okay for those legislators to try to play doctor, why shouldn’t the doctors get to try to play legislator? What’s good for the senator is good for the surgeon, right?


This is the same asshole who nearly deep sixed his state economy by trying to institute Jim Crow 2.0 against gays.

On that note Gov. Pence, let me give you the salutations you deserve,




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