Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law

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...a spiteful, unconstitutional, incoherent law.
Sure, but on the other hand, it's also spiteful.

Oh. You mentioned that. Carry on, then.


The second tag is backwards. Instead of “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS WOMEN” it should be “DON’T MESS WITH WOMEN TEXAS” (or if you can have commas in tags, “DON’T MESS WITH WOMEN, TEXAS”.)


It doesn’t really matter. The law has already had its intended effect. More than half the clinics in the state that once did abortions have had to shut down. Most of them will not reopen - the costs would be too great (and anyone who understands how these things really work will know without having to be told that any now-shut abortion clinic that seeks to reopen will find it faces an endless nightmare of problems and “mistakes” in things like zoning laws and permit processes and bank financing). Without some kind of government-mandated backing, they will find the state government bureaucracy impossible to deal with, and the Supreme Court can’t do anything about that. So this is a victory only in principle. The great majority of those clinics will stay shut, it will remain extremely time-consuming, costly, and difficult for Texas women to get a legal abortion (just about impossible for poor women and/or women living in remote areas), the number of legal abortions in Texas will decline, and the number of women who die because they were desperate enough to resort to back-alley abortions will increase. The religious fanatics have won in fact. This ruling means they will get only 70% of the number of dead Texas women they wanted, but they will get enough dead Texas women to make them happy.



I am doing my happy dance!!!


Sure. Go ahead and rain on my happy dance. :cry:


I hear you, but think of it this way: the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.



And, this ruling also prevents Texas and other states from taking some specific backwards steps.


[quote=“Menotyou, post:4, topic:80542”]
It doesn’t really matter… This ruling means they will get only 70% of the number of dead Texas women they wanted, but they will get enough dead Texas women to make them happy.
[/quote]Because that 30% doesn’t matter?

This ruling matters greatly, because now there will not be a queue of other states copying the laws and Texas can rebuild against this hurdle placed by religious nutjobs. As religion slowly dies in the republican party in Texas (favoring the libertarian approach to things), rulings like this will continue to matter more and more and more. The damage cannot be undone, but this ruling stops further damage and means a hell of a lot to the future.


Get ready! It’s time for TEXIT!





Aw hell, we been tryin’ something like that fer years now!


And then needs something like 2,600,000 subsequent steps


Those religious fanatics sure have made a dent around here.

Today though, they got pushback and it’s the kind a lot of us in Texas were hoping for. The indisputable kind.

We have been and are routing around the damage:

As state lawmakers continue their assault on abortion access in Texas, a growing group of activists isn’t ready to give up the fight

In other news, it’s obvious that the Religious Right will forever set up obstacles. Same shit, different day. This is no more of an issue than when corporations try a different tactic to circumvent a ruling against them in an environmental lawsuit

or in a public referendum that didn’t go in their favor

or… oh hey dangit SCOTUS! WTF?

Getting justice is this endless stay-awake marathon. I agree with Bryan Stevenson, and I am grateful for today’s win, in whatever shape and size it is…


Wow, what wonderful logic you have. You must be a frigging lawyer. You sure has hell got lawyer logic. I got my client life in supermax without parole instead of the chair so I won.

Get real. If religion were dying in the Republinazi party, Donald Drumpf would have been laughed off the stage months ago. It is not only not dying, it is festering and spreading like the ooze from a weeping ulcer. If religion were dying there never would have been enough support in the legislature for laws like this to even come to vote, much less get signed into law. Disabuse yourself of your erroneous notions. The unholy union of ignorance, stupidity, fanaticism, bigotry, jealousy, xenophobia, reactionism, hatred of competence, fear of intelligence, irrationality, refusal to acknowledge history, mooncalf pining for “good old days” which never existed except in television, knee-jerk anti-government barking, and just plain good old-fashioned down-home selfishness that constitute the core platform of this distorted repulsive thing that once was the Republican party is not going to go away any time soon.

The only thing this ruling means to the future is that we’ll go through this same shit again on a different day with a slightly different tune playing in the background. And women will keep dying because their Good Christian™ neighbors would rather see them dead, or saddled with a deformed baby they can’t afford to raise, than to know they had abortions.

I hate to question your intelligence, but you really make it hard not to.


That quote from Bryan Stevenson would seem to directly apply to the SC decision acquitting helmet-haired former Gov. Bob McDonnell as well.