Texas and the Taliban making headlines for terrorizing women

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The must disgusting thing is the politicians talking about of both sides of their mouth - pretending to give a fuck about Afghan women as a dig at Biden, while actively or supporting the suppression of women at home.


The Texas Taliban, you mean…



Yeah. The comparison is all too sadly, infuriatingly apt.



At first I thought of the companies evacuating their female employees to someplace safe.


If Biden doesn’t do it I’m sure the rest of the world can form a “Coalitio of the Willing” to restore freedom and liberty to Texas. Texas even has weapons of mass destruction, so it’s a clear case for invasion.




Lyft is doing a great PR job. Not only they pledged a legal defense fund for any drivers sued for taking women to clinics, they’re donating 1 million to PP.


Otherwise known as its Republican politicians.


Totally, here’s another horrible aspect of the law…
Uber/Lyft drivers could be punished for driving women to where they want to go!

Got this from Lyft, I love them now…

Dear Lyft Riders and Drivers,

A new Texas law, SB8, threatens to punish drivers for getting people where they need to go — specifically, women exercising their right to choose and to access the healthcare they need.

We want to be clear: Drivers are never responsible for monitoring where their riders go or why. Imagine being a driver and not knowing if you are breaking the law by giving someone a ride. Similarly, riders never have to justify, or even share, where they are going and why. Imagine being a pregnant woman trying to get to a healthcare appointment and not knowing if your driver will cancel on you for fear of breaking a law. Both are completely unacceptable.

This law is incompatible with people’s basic rights to privacy, our community guidelines, the spirit of rideshare, and our values as a company. We are taking action on two fronts:

  1. Lyft has created a Driver Legal Defense Fund to cover 100% of legal fees for drivers sued under SB8 while driving on our platform. Riders and Drivers: Nothing about how you drive, ride or interact with each other should change.
  2. Texas SB8 is an attack on women’s right to choose. Lyft is donating $1 million to Planned Parenthood to help ensure that transportation is never a barrier to healthcare access.
    If you feel compelled to join us as an individual, you can make a donation [here]

I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop and GQP to explain that the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan was just the first step of “The Storm” and that the Taliban were just “misunderstood.” All it would take is for 45 to expand on his “Great Relationship” with the Taliban and a few vitamin/ivermectin grifters to take it up as a way to sell their product.


Further proof that religious extremism and/or evangelicalism yield the same results no matter what flavor of invisible sky friend your great-great-grandfather bullied his neighbors into following.

It’s OK to go to church and say nice things to each other and to offer help each other when in need. If that gets you through tough days, good for you. But it’s not OK to go to church and say “bring our ways to the unbelievers.” It doesn’t matter who the unbelievers are, where they live, or what they believe. Anybody outside of your church doors is staying outside of them because they neither need nor want anything from you.


I know it can’t happen (and even if it did it would be counter-productive), but I wish Texas Democrats, should they ever get power, would push through rigorous anti-boner, anti-vasectomy, anti-balding medication legislation: make Minoxidil and Viagra and Botox and toupees much harder to obtain, dermatologists and plastic surgeons would be required to read long scripts before a procedure; 48 hour waiting periods would be required before all procedures; all clinic doctors would have to also have hospital attending-privileges.

Essentially, just raise all outpatient medical practices to exact same bullshit levels as abortion clinics currently are. See how they like it. Listen to the howls of patients and doctors as elective surgeries grind to a halt.


Texas and the Taliban making headlines for terrorizing women

No surprise here.
They have both imposed Sharia Law upon their largely unwilling populaces…


OH! And don’t forget opposing settling Afghan refugees in the US, because MOOSLIM TERRORISM!!!

That’s the modern GOP for ya…


Yep. I mean, any anti-abortion wacko in the entire country is being given a green light to sue anyone suspected of being peripherally involved with an abortion, and even if the person being sued wins, they still pay their own legal fees, so they’d quickly go bankrupt. In that environment, there’s too much liability to even be connected in any way to abortions, even ones still legal under the new law. It’ll be “interesting” to see who gets targeted, beyond the obvious - I’m suspecting all manner of OBGYNs and family planning clinics (that have nothing to do with abortion), or anyone advocating for legal abortions will get targeted. The maternal mortality rate, which is already abysmal in Texas, is going to get a whole lot worse.


This is what really scares me. Maternal and infant mortality in Texas is already high. And now they’ve basically criminalized pregnancy itself.