Texas and the Taliban making headlines for terrorizing women

They know their core supporters don’t care or have the ability to think about details.


Yep. They literally don’t care about the lives of women, except to control them. They want us in our “proper” place, which is as under the direction of men.

They can fuck off.


It is not an empty gesture. Lyft drivers will be sued for taking women to a Planned Parenthood or other medical facility. Regardless of whether that facility is even doing abortions or if the woman is even pregant. A person does not need to know or have proof the woman was getting an abortion after 6 weeks, they need only allege a violation to begin a law suit.
Then, because of the way the law is written, the person sued must prove they did not violate the law. Even just hiring a lawyer to show up and day “this facility does not do abortions” costs money. Nevermind if they have to go through discovery to present paperwork. And after all that, the law prohibits a court from awarding attorneys fees to the defendant. No matter how frivilous or vindictive the suit is.

I’m not sure you understand exactly how bad this law is.


Ten thousand people need to sue Texas governor for all the abortions he plans on helping people have.


Where we’re going, we don’t need proof.


I’m ready to donate to someone who can bring the lawsuit.


And the other state legislators and reps. Abbot is the easy target, but the others need to feel the pain as much, if not more.


And oil!


What scares me is that drivers are given a financial incentive to report women, which some might do even if they otherwise agree with abortion. The law is fucked up on so many levels.


That’s just a shitty solution.

“Hey women… how do you fix oppression… stop being human!”

Yeah. No thanks. How about we start expecting more of straight men for once in history? Why is it MY responsibility to fix this problem?


This is an empty PR gesture.

I don’t think it is. The goal of the legislation isn’t just to stop abortions, it is to harass women into subservience. There are no penalties in the law for suits filed without investigation, so it is entirely possible that ride share drivers will be living in fear of being sued for taking women to anything that seems like a place for women’s reproductive medical services of any kind, because anti-abortionists/power tripping religious fascists enjoy making the lives of women miserable and denying them needed medical services, including family planning services.


You have to feel a bit sorry for the judges who have been conscripted as front line solders in this battle.

No. You really don’t. It’s not hard to understand that women are people and that we deserve to have control over our bodies. If they decide that right wing ideology is more important than human rights, then maybe they should fuck right off.


This law was decided by politicians, and to a lesser extent by the supreme court, not the judges in Texas who will find themselves in the position of having to deal with all these lawsuits.

Oh, sure. The law is always more important than humanity.


Judges are humans too, you know. They are not just some abstract “the law”. If a judge decide to do the decent thing and strike down a lawsuit as unconstitutional it’s going to be him (or her) that faces the outrage of politicians and anti-abortion actvists.

There are any number of comments here pointing out that women are the main victims of this law, I just tried to see it from a different perspective too, sorry if that offended you.

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Yeah but, if as a judge you find the laws you are expected to uphold abhorrent you should step down. They are not forced into that job…


Women may be the first victims of laws like this, but do you really think we’ll be the only ones? The battle won’t stop with us. If this unlawful precedent stands, I guarantee you, others will be next. Expect rulings to be passed against LGBTQ+ folks. Civil rights judgements will be nullified. And if you think you can vote your way out of it, well, good luck with that, because voter suppression measures are rolling out across the country too. Those who lust for control and power over everyone around them are twisting the rules to their own ends, they’re not gonna let a little thing like elections stop them from getting what they want.

This is not just a battle for womens’ rights. It’s a battle for everyone’s rights. It isn’t just an academic exercise, or a matter of perspective. It’s a matter of peoples’ lives at stake.

This mockery of law cannot be allowed to stand. It must be stopped now, definitively, before we all lose our freedoms.


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Do you really want the Republicans to control all the judiciary, because that is what you get with that kind of actions.

Besides, I thought the primary source of law in USA was the constitution.The supreme courted dogded the issue, they did not decide this law is constitutional.

No, I don’t. How did you interpret what I wrote that way?