Trump glorifies Texas attack, MAGA drivers tried to push Biden/Harris bus off road

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It’s a pity the Secret Service didn’t treat it as a terrorist attack which is exactly what it was


Yeah, where was this secret service vehicle?


It could just be Halloween mixed with this story but I now have the following stuck it my head:

Texas isn’t average when your husband is dead
Texas isn’t average when when they pick up his head
Texas is the reason that the president is dead


Fuck this man, he glorifies dangerous idiots and condones violent armed revolt.

Vote his ass out!


If they were really trying to crash the bus like some reports are saying, I don’t understand how it’s not an assassination attempt on the opposition candidate, one that the president has just condoned.


Slow down there folks. From CNN:

Neither Biden nor his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, were on the bus.

This was bad, but it was not an assassination attempt.


the texas republican party stays classy–



The fact that Biden and Harris were not actually on the bus does not make it not an assassination attempt. It is still an assassination attempt, but just one that failed due to poor intel on the part of the wannabe assassins.


Among other disturbing and crazy things the disturbed and crazy man said about the attack was this: “It’s like a hot thing.”

Just remember, the disturbed and crazy man has a disturbed and crazy audience who like hearing the disturbed and crazy things he says; whether he wins or loses, these violent fascists are not going away.


You don’t try to crash the opposition’s vehicles, for the same reason you don’t shoot the oppositions candidate. It kinda cancels the whole idea of an election to begin with.

My fear now is that despite a decisive win, democrats will fail to go after these punks, and give a tacit OK for when they want to act out next time.


Here is the official platform of the Texas GOP:
I made it through the first 8 pages before being overwhelmed by the sheer nutjobbery of it all.
It’s like the fever dreams of Teepers, El Rushbo, Alex Jones, etc, were put in a blender & spread out to dry.
And there are millions of these fuckers here!
It’s just a matter of time 'til the shooting starts; it’s a bit surprising that bus didn’t get ventilated.


If the machine isn’t the people’s machine, it cannot be allowed to run.

We need to hold Democrats accountable too. If they don’t stand up after this. We have to shut it all down through a general strike and non violent civil disobedience (because, for practical reasons, that works best and is scariest to tyrants).

We can’t ever stop, until we win, because the alternative is unthinkable.


“it’s just ordinary Americans taking this election into their own hands”

Holy fuck, I can’t even.

It’s so hard to know where to start with how totally batshit all this is. Starting off with, “how dare a reporter malign our supporters by talking about what they did!” and then simply refusing to address what they did. Moving on to some “whataboutism” that relies on a series of completely made up events in a desperate attempt to make the actions of Republicans seem not so bad in comparison. Moving on to complaining that the media won’t cover… this series of totally fictional events. Finishing off with some anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

I wonder how much of this insanity they believe, how much they pretend to believe to convince Republican voters, and how much of this is simply intended as a distraction.

Unfortunately it’ll be up to local law enforcement to go after them. And we know what they will (or rather won’t) do.


President profa shows his respect for rule of law.


Is there another video source which includes some clear license plate images? Assuming the license plates haven’t been defaced beyond easy recognition, which seemed to happen a lot with one of these dickhead pickup truck rallies in NYC. “Law and order” my ass.

If yes, on November 4, regardless of the election outcome, the Texas Biden-Harris campaign should file suit against these cornpone nazis for assault and reckless endangerment. (Surely one can do this on a civil basis and not rely on local law enforcement cooperation.) Let’s not bring knives to a gunfight, alright?


i can’t speak to what the leadership believes but i have older cousins and an elderly uncle who give every sign of believing every bit of it. some of these people are educated and at one time seemed capable of intelligent and sophisticated judgement but they have gone all-in for trumpism and foxism. it would seem profoundly sad to me if it weren’t so deeply scary.



One argument I’ve read is this:

A significant proportion of Americans are straight-up white supremacists. They believe that the country should be run by white people for white people. Now, as long as white people are in the majority, there is no conflict between democracy and white supremacy, but if white people are no longer the majority the white supremacists will abandon democracy to preserve white rule.


FBI is reportedly investigating.