There's already an "abortion pill" black market in Texas


Of course there is.


Not surprising. Illegalizing abortion will not stop it; it will only make it hazardous.


Texas: Leading the nation in regressive cruelty and shitty jobs. Good show, guys. ::slowclap::


With the added benefit of punishing other peoples’ daughters for their slatternly ways.

Other peoples’ daughters? Please. These people have no problem punishing their own daughters.

Yet USA claims:


Some don’t, but it seems like a lot of conservatives suddenly gain empathy with a particular issue once it affects them or someone they care about. Dick Cheney has a gay daughter and he’s in favour of gay marriage. John McCain was tortured and he’s against torture. Michelle Malkin changed her mind about medical marijuana after seeing it help Ralph Seeley with the effects of cancer.

Do you know how many young LGBT people whom I know that have been kicked out by their very own parents for being gay or trans? A lot. It happens way way way way more than you think.

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