Texas governor bans Planned Parenthood from cancer screening program for poor women


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And yet when the baby is born, these same pro-life people won’t lift a finger to help either the mother or the child. Instead they demonize both of them and cut programs to help both mother and child.

Want to reduce the number of abortions? Better sex education starting when a child is 10 and better access to contraceptives.

Can we just give Texas back to Mexico please?


It’s kind of amazing how much Abbot has been able to surpass Bush and Perry in stupidity and cruelty so quickly. I am forming plans to move from Texas to some less insanely governed state, since Abbot’s partisan bullying and blindness are a recipe for disaster.


Can we just give Texas back to Mexico please?

And who would that help? Women in Mexico aren’t exactly the envy of the world.


That’s just really really really horrible.


It’s not really about attacking women. These sociopaths couldn’t give a shit where women get their health care - the most modern hospital or a shotgun shack makes no difference. But they’ve whipped up their loyal base with the simple formula Planned Parenthood = Murder. So anything that hurts Planned Parenthood is good - everything else is collateral damage.


Oh but it is about attacking women, women need to be punished for having sex outside of religious sanctioned marriage. Period. Full stop. This is the perfect way to do that. Only unmarried whores need to go to planned parenthood, obviously. If women would just stop having sex we wouldn’t need planned parenthood!


Sounds like Durex needs to add another Abbott to their campaign…


I’d like to point out that the Gubner merely signed a bill into law that was passed by the Legislature. So there were a lot of jackasses behind all this, not just him.


The entire GOP establishment in Texas is populated by assholes. There, does that help?


Christ, what assholes. We’ve got the same crap going on here in NC. Small bites.

On another slant, I just tried to donate to them. I conduct ALL online cash transactions through PayPal, which already has all my personal info. Their website refused to accept my donation unless I fill out their form completely. Sorry, but I use PayPal specifically to avoid filling in forms.

No donation today.


As a non-profit they are required to report their donations. Granted, Paypal is supposed to pass a good bit of that info off to them automatically and save you at least some of the hassle, but if your Paypal settings are preventing that then they are stuck asking for all of it directly. (Now if Paypal is passing it and they just don’t have that integrated then there’s an annoyance, but…)


It’s an annoyance. PayPal is allowed to pass information over. Just sloppiness on their part for not fully integrating PP with their donor database.

May just have to make a cash donation at the Boylan St. office, Can’t be more anonymous than that.



What is it about politicians named Abbott?


Yup. It’s never been about saving all the widdle babbies. Anti-choice is focused on a different goal: removing agency from, and exerting control over women. The fact that they’re also imposing further punishment for poor women with this legislation is a feature, not a bug. I’m left to conclude that they believe that breast cancer, uterine cancer and every case of cervical cancer is caused by having sex outside of marriage and/or by simply being poor.


Yup. God is punishing you for your dirty deeds, cuz only bad people get sick and die doncha know?

So grotesque, I hate them all.


Can’t say I can muster the energy to hate them, but I’d sure like 'em a whole lot more if they were even a little bit able to mind their own business. And also if they didn’t interfere in the “free market” when it comes to women’s reproductive health and rights. “Conservative” politicians are quite loathsome hypocrites on so many levels.


As a uterus haver I reserve the right to hate any and all people that feel the need to regulate my bodily organs in any way.


Fair enough, fellow indoor plumbing enthusiast. Hate just takes a lot of energy that I’d rather put to other uses.