Over 100,000 women in Texas have tried to give themselves an abortion, study finds

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“Over 100,000 women in Texas have tried to give themselves an abortion, study finds”

Zero surprises there, it’s Texas[s] female lives DON’T matter. Oh the horror of it all living in the dark ages in 2015.


Texas Rethuglicans:

“We’d rather have forced births and end up with badly disfigured and disabled babies, than let women decide when they want to have children.”


Once again, pro-life has been shown to be anti-woman, like it’s always been. Make no mistake, pro-life politicians don’t give a single fuck about babies or women’s good. They care about keeping their ability to control women like property. Because their religions all say that women are property in one way or another.

If they actually cared about anyone’s health and welfare, then they’d get the fuck out of the debate and let doctors who are the qualified ones write policy regarding availability of abortion and family planning services.

No, all they are after is controlling women and legislating morality. Fuck that noise.


Making abortion illegal does not reduce the rate of abortion. Making abortion illegal simply makes it unsafe, often lethally so.


Governments can’t stop abortions, only SAFE ones.


Dear Texas - if two fictional stoners can get it right, why can’t you:


i agree. pro-lifers don’t give a crap about life. they are also for capital punishment. they are pro gun. they are pro stand your ground lethal defense laws. they are pro-war and the increasing of military spending. they are against health care. they are against social safety nets. They could care less about a babies lives after they have been born. they could care less about immigrants lives. they are pro the prison industrial complex and could care less about the lives ruined by maximum mandatory sentencing for non-violent offenders. In every conceivable way they are anti-life EXCEPT for when it comes to controlling women’s reproductive rights. we really should stop calling them pro-lifers, and start calling them anti-womens-righters. grrrr.


The situation isn’t sad enough, so they’ve also criminalized the use of those abortifacients, with language so vague they ended up criminalizing miscarriage as well.


Well, as long as Texas’s legislature’s ultimate goal for women is to be broodmares, it’d make sense to outlaw “damaging the merchandise”.


Reason #430,385 to never live in Texas. The legislature has violated the First Amendment establishment clause and the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection clause. Nice work, regressive shit heads.


My “favorite” epitaph for them is either “pro-birthers” or “fetus fetishers”, depending on how polite I’m feeling at the time.

I know that they’re all about the need for cognitive closure and don’t actually have internally consistent worldviews or evidence-based views, but the part of my brain that wants to assume that they’re internally self-consistent keeps wanting to ascribe evil motivations to them.

Specifically, “Without forced birth laws, how will the NRA and gun manufacturers continue to exist without a steady supply of victims to sacrifice on the altar of the 2nd Amendment? Without a steady supply of undereducated, economically disadvantaged, poverty-stricken youths trying to escape poverty, how will the military keep up its foreign adventurism at the behest of the corporate oligarchy? And how will for-profit prisons keep their cells filled if there aren’t a hoard of desperate poor people having to commit crimes in order to survive?”

I have to keep reminding myself that these people lack empathy, perspective, and the ability to actually see the consequences of their actions and that they’re just coming from a compartmentalized belief in the value of human life, but only before that life is removed from the packaging, as that belief shows up nowhere else in their actions. But they’re clueless, not malicious, and that I need to remind myself of that.


Remember: when abortions are outlawed, only outlaws have abortions.


Some are.

It’s like the military: the foot soldiers do what they’re told without question, the less-senior officers are told enough that they think they’re in-the-know, while really being only one or two levels above the troops they command, and only the top brass really know what’s going on and how much carnage is being wrought. But don’t forget, many of the foot soldiers enlisted specifically BECAUSE the idea of being part of a group wreaking carnage was attractive to them.

How many are there because they honestly think they’re doing the right thing? I’d say that the relative few who are also doing things to help actually-born babies and their mothers – whether financially, legislatively, practically, etc. – are the only ones who deserve that presumption of good faith.


Oh, no, some of them are most definitely malicious. Not most of the anti-choice footsoldiers, but the dominionists running the anti-choice organizations.

[dammit, @chgoliz, you beat me to the punch this time]


It’s sad that most of what happens in this country has us thinking in military terms, isn’t it?


I suppose that’s what 14 years of continual war will do to a nation’s mindset.


I’d really, really, really like to see the matter go to court, but even if it’s successful I fear two things: the firestorm of outrage condemning the women who’ve already tried to give themselves abortions and the lengthy court process. Even if the legislature’s actions are ultimately struck down it’s going to take a long time during which many more women will have to take desperate measures.

And that firestorm of outrage could drive even more away from seeking good healthcare. It’s going to shine an even brighter spotlight on all abortions and I’m afraid the anti-abortion forces will see an uptick in donations.


I live in Texas, after growing up in California and spending the last 25 years in New England. It is a different world down here. Megachurches all over the place. The amount of Christian influence is everywhere. All elections are red red red, with barely a drop of blue. However, that said, it’s not a bad place. I can’t throw the whole place under the bus. These pitched battles over women’s rights will continue for quite some time. But we have people like Wendy Davis fighting for us and she needs our help. She had a pretty amazing level of support, given the redness of this state. So it’s not all bleak and dreary. I feel bad for those women who feel they have no alternative but self induction. It’s a public health tragedy.


Grow the fuck up, America!

They have a legal right to obtain abortion. Stop fucking with the poor, the female, and the everybody else who’s not a white man.

Stop dividing yourself, and use your enormous wealth and power to improve the world. Please feel free to start inside the USA (hunger, homelessness, untreated illness, inequality, corruption, and so forth)