Watch Jen Psaki point out the idiocy of Texas Gov Abbott's defense of the dangerous and absurd six-week abortion ban

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“We will eliminate the need for women to abort pregnancies caused by rape by getting rapists off the streets” is an idiotic statement on its face.

Even if it was possible to apprehend and convict 100% of rapists BY THE TIME YOU ARREST THEM THE RAPE HAS ALREADY HAPPENED, DUMBASS.


I mean, you could chemically castrate all men in Texas at once and then that would eliminate the rapists that could cause pregnancy.


Clearly the solution is to change the law so that Rape is no longer a crime! Works like a charm to completely eliminate these criminals! /s


You post sarcastically, but 5 will get you 10, that’s actually their next move.

Fucking assholes…


Or maybe go full “Minority Report.” By which I mean Texas decides to preemptively arrest all minorities.


Yep. It’s going to narrow the legal definition to just some guy with a knife jumping out of the bushes at a woman who is walking home from church and ONLY church. And it will take into account how she is dressed and her sexual history, etc. And of course, it will exclude men and boys, cause you can’t rape them…

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There are many ways in which this plan to “eliminate rapists” is stupid. Here’s another one:

They mention, “take the rapists off the streets”. The rapists are not on the streets, they are in the house, in the office, in the gym. Most rapists are known to their victims (some studies say 90%), and aren’t random people prowling the streets. That seems to jive with the people I know who have been victimized, which is actually 100% (person they are dating, family friend, personal friend).


There is so little margin for sarcasm with this stuff, it just bites too hard. I almost deleted my comment three times before hitting the reply button.


The president isn’t doing all he can when he could add 3 liberal judges to the supreme court and hasn’t…

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“Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them,” Abbott said on Tuesday.

This fucking guy.


At least Merrick is trying…


I’m all for it but…

It requires legislation by congress and, and I think this is the important point, if the dems do manage to get a law passed what would prevent the republicans from adding more judges when they eventually get a chance? Or subtracting judges as they die off or retire.

I don’t think it’s as easy as Biden just appointing judges.


The argument also ignores that not all abortions that are sought are product of rape, there are other legitimate reasons why a woman may choose to terminate a pregnancy. Focusing solely on the rape argument is also absurd.


I agree completely that the focus on rape is not healthy. It is productive as a wedge but the only “legitimate” reason a woman should need is that “she wants to”.


It ignores that intentionally. It’s only addressing the rape argument, because that is the only one which plays halfway well with conservatives. Hence, this ill-thought-out justification of “we’ll take all the rapists off the street”. It’s not supposed to make sense, it’s just supposed to give conservatives enough of a fig leaf that they can be 100% on board with the law.

Or alternatively, just enough of a talking point that they can shut up the opposition.


I left Texas 5 years ago, and one of the problems then was the number of unprocessed DNA rape kits, especially in Harris county. I don’t remember Abbot or the state doing much about it then. Maybe that’s changed?


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They just don’t give a shit about rape victims, blame the victims and want to punish women. Full stop. That’s all this is.


The Texas Lege, caught red-handed ignoring the issue for over a decade, assigned a large amount of money to process the backlog, which has gone from 12,000 kits to 2,000 in the past few years, but actual arrests and prosecutions from the backlog have been. minimal. And a 2,000 kit backlog is still way too big.


Adding a couple SC justices is hardly all that needs to be done in terms of reforming the federal bench. Even if all appointments were filled there’d be a massive, massive backlog on cases top to bottom. That creates all sorts of weird, from important shit never getting decided to there being like 10 old white lawyers who even get to argue Supreme Court cases. Which hampers potential appointees for for federal judgeships. It’s abundantly clear that “serves for life” is a bad idea. And the obviously politicized nature of all federal courts at this point needs to be dealt with.

The best proposals I’ve seen on the subject involve expanding the SC to either 21 or 27 seats. So that three 7 or 9 judge panels can handle the case load properly. With a larger portion or the entire set handling appeals or rehearings of really important shit.

Together with adding district courts, expanded in a similar way. More judges added down the line. Term limits and proper pathways to remove inadequate judges.

It would fix a lot of deeper problems. And helpfully limit the ability to shift shit the other way by just adding three more judges next go round.

All of which begs the bigger question. What’s to stop the GOP from obstructing the fuck out all the laws that need to be passed, and every damn appointment? Just like they do now? With a shaky one vote majority there isn’t exactly a free path to either the big project or the quick fix. If certain Senators could be relied upon in any way it might be worth nuking the filibuster to clear the path on this, voting rights, and this Texas shit. But since they can’t, and specifically make threats over the filibuster. It’s nowhere near as easy as it looks.