Texas Republicans will now require women to carry "rape insurance" if they need abortions


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i cant today. I really cant.


What a bunch of cranks. It’s things like this that make me ashamed of the state where I live.


can these folks die please


I just have to say that the writers on this show suck. Totally implausible. I mean, I was prepared to go along with their invented dystopia for a while – the lunatic narcissist in the White House, the Nazis marching on American streets, the systematic gutting of everything sane and good by greedy opportunist politicians – but it’s just not believable any more. It’s like they’re so desperate to make their villains as evil as possible that they’ve given up trying to make the whole thing even a little bit realistic.

By the next episode, we’ll have Steve Bannon snacking on live puppies during a videoconference with the ghost of Pol Pot. C’mon, guys, suspension of disbelief only goes so far.


It should be noted that 25 states previously banned ACA plans from offering abortions.


Since abortions are less expensive than carrying a pregnancy at all stages, the actuarial cost of an abortion is negative.

The legislators know this, else this law wouldn’t include a provision forbidding insurers from attaching a discount to the abortion rider. However, the law doesn’t set a minimum price either, so women in Texas should have no trouble getting the rider for little-to-nothing. Also, because the rider is separate from the main policy their employers won’t have a record of it – which is probably contrary to the Legislature’s evil intent.


I have a moral objection to paying for medical care for asshole politicians who are cruel just to score political points. Can we cancel the insurance coverage of everyone who voted for this then?


The only way I could possibly be cool with this is if the same bill requires men to purchase rape insurance so as to ensure that men are adequately prepared to compensate their victims if they find themselves in the unenviable position of having raped someone.

But we all know this isn’t about protecting women, it’s just another tool to punish and shame them.





Time for the Church of Satan to step up and start offering group health insurance products, maybe even running full-service healthcare facilities, same as Catholic/Lutheran/Methodist/etc hospitals do. The Church of Satan has been doing a damn fine job lately of counter-suing based on their sincerely-held religious belief that an individual’s autonomy over their own body is a core value.


Remember that these are the same people that say they don’t want government controlling their lives. They say that if you don’t like the services from a company go elsewhere. They should be telling their constituents that if they don’t like abortion switch to a provider that doesn’t cover it. I am absolutely not okay with our government banning access to legal services just because they don’t like them.

Edit: as a side note does this not open them up to a class action lawsuit from every single Texan who doesn’t support them who is either a woman or in a relationship with one as it hurts them monetarily? They will all have to purchase coverage in advance so they don’t have to wait for an unplanned pregnancy or rape to sue, correct?


This is why we can’t have nice things like democracy. When politicians are more concerned with scraping votes from the bottom of the barrel then actually acting like a decent human being.


Texas voters may rest assured that women’s issues are subject to the expertise of the proud trio in that photo.


Welcome to Texas, Spring Breakers! Don’t forget to buy your Rape Insurance at our handy kiosk on the beach in South Padre! :smiley:

(no it’s not a gun silly, those are at the gun kiosk)


You jest, but will there be a table offering rape insurance at Freshman Orientation this fall at UT-Austin?


So I am awaiting the insurance companies to sue Texas for interference with their right to contract.

Because as previously mentioned:

Insurers now have to worry about carrying extra costs because of a bunch of women hating Texans. I can’t see them standing for that.


I don’t want to pay for their erectile dysfunction either, but there it is


Or vasectomy. Which is also elective, also covered generally.


That was my first thought upon reading this;

Let the lawsuits commence.