Feds say video of Jeffrey Epstein cell 'no longer exists' — accidentally destroyed by jail staff, oops

I have no idea what actually happened, but sheesh. It’s like they are actively trying to undermine people’s faith in government institutions.


It’s like living in Rome right before the fall.


I think it’s obvious that Epstein swapped bodies with Tartaglione using alien mind swapping technology. Tartaglione was then mistakenly killed by the Queen of Fairyland for breaking a pact. Epstein is now trying to get his sentence reduced so that he can escape and activate his memory wipe ray on all of humanity.

It’s the simplest explanation.

Otherwise we would have to assume that people willing to work IT for a prison might be incompetent.


I get why this is a red flag for so many people but human rights watch dog groups have been trying to call attention to this kind of institutional corruption and/or incompetence for decades. It’s not at all unusual for this sort of thing to happen, it’s just unusual for it to happen to famous people.


Just keeps getting weirder, doesn’t it.

But keep in mind that this level of indifference/incompetence isn’t actually that “weird” when it comes to our jails & prisons. It’s the status quo, and whatever happened to Epstein this isn’t necessarily evidence one way or the other.


Does anyone honestly think that given he had SO much dirt on SO many famous and powerful people, literally 30+ years worth of high quality pictures and videos that he didn’t have a “kill switch” in place ready too release it all should something happen to him? He’s alive and well in Dubai.



Jeffrey Epstein had ‘every reason in the world’ to kill himself.
Many rich and powerful people had many reasons to have Jeffrey Epstein killed.

Both statements are equally true, and we will likely never know which was actual the cause of his death.

It’s an unfortunate state of affairs for all his victims who will never probably never get any real closure.



So the targets of his blackmail faked his death, sprung him from federal lockup, and are now keeping him alive and safe in Dubai?

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To be fair, they have been able to keep their sexual affairs arranged by Epstein from hitting the press, at least to date. I don’t think either of them (or the the royal family, or anyone else he was supplying with trafficked girls) killed Epstein, but they all had a really good reason to which is why this probably won’t ever be a satisfying end for anyone.


I agree, but many of the people who had reason to want him dead have already proven themselves to be wholly incapable of pulling off a successful coverup.

For example, neither Bill Clinton nor Donald Trump were able to keep their sexual affairs from hitting the press even though they both used all the resources available to them to do so.


A klll switch is only useful if you care what happens after you are dead. (Claiming you have one, on the other hand, is very useful to stay alive). Then there is the version that Epstein worked for Israel and the files are over there now.

You’d imagine if he had tried to blackmail too many people there would be one Wellesley among them: “Publish and be damned”.

"…somehow the staff at the Metropolitan Correctional Center “inadvertently preserved video from the wrong tier,”


Yes, they are. The erosion of faith in government institutions is a key strategy of the neoliberal agenda.

Yes. I’ll add to that that incompetence could very well be at play here, not malice. But it could just as easily be the other.



Hanlon’s razor.

I don’t know if Epstein killed himself, but I absolutely believe the MCC fucked up preserving the video, especially if the feds didn’t do it for them.

Remember why the FBI had to hack into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone in the first place? Because some idiot in the city IT department reset the password on the iCloud account. That breaks the trust relationship devices have with the account, and they have to log into the account again before they can be managed by it.

The FBI could have accessed the account and the phone via a warrant to Apple if the city hadn’t tried to “help”.




I want that body confirmed by four independent forensic teams and seven dna testing labs.


I believe they lost the body … whoops!


I agree that the level of inept incompetence is so staggering that every damn day, I seriously have to wonder how I ended up living in the freakin’ Twilight Zone.

Insert ‘all of the above’ gif here ____.

Whatever the actual specifics, it certainly seems to have culminated in a perfect storm of fuckery.

I simply refuse to waste my time and energy on something that, for all intents and purposes, simply isn’t ‘knowable.’


It’s an unfortunate state of affairs for all his victims who will never probably never get any real justice.

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Man, what a series of unlucky coincidences. What are the odds?

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