Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI

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Good. About time, too… but I’ll take a charge that sticks over a fast one that doesn’t on any day.


Good. She won’t get out of this as easily as her equally sleazy father.


How long until she commits “suicide” inside a cell block with malfunctioning camera surveillance equipment?


Funny this comes right on the heels of Berman being fired by Barr at the SDNY, what are the chances!! …also I find it so odd that lost in the shuffle the FACT that Maxwell is the one who introduced a high class call girl from Slovenia named Melania to don trump back in the day.


Oooooh, I knew that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, but I didn’t realize she did it! :scream:


Why in the world was she hiding out in the U.S. instead of in a non-extradition country?

I thought she was smarter than that. Evil to the core, but smart at least.

But hey, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth.


The important thing is that they gave her more than enough time to destroy evidence impugning anyone of consequence.


I was wondering what she was doing in Bedford, NH. There’s nothing noteworthy there. I’ve been through there many times. But it’s not “remote” and New Englanders are chatty Cathys: they’ll rat you out to the po-po after talking pleasantly on the street and complimenting your shoes and well-behaved Pomeranian. They give zero fucks for lawbreakers up there because they have nothing to do and nothing to lose by tattling. So, I wonder what her thinking was and why she was even there.

[Edit: I am wrong about BEDFORD, NH. (The early articles had it as this town and I was quoting them.) She was found in BRADFORD, NH. Different town, more rural. See further discussion, below.]


I wondered that too. Maybe she felt she would be more vulnerable to being disappeared in a non-extradition country? Also, the choices aren’t great: https://www.wsfa.com/story/22665099/countries-with-no-extradition-treaty-with-us/


I live in NE. And you just made me laugh harder than I have all day. Do you live up here too? Because you certainly know New Englanders. It’s why I keep my trap shut.


Bill Barr’s father, Donald Barr, brought Jeffrey Epstein into the Dalton School in NYC and Horace Mann School, Bill Barr’s alma mater, has had its own sex scandals, including during the years that Barr was there (see Great Is the Truth: Secrecy, Scandal, and the Quest for Justice at the Horace Mann School by Amos Kamil with Sean Elder for more). As a fellow graduate of one of the schools around NYC known as “the little Ivy League,” I can attest to the fact that there were pedophile teachers in my school too, Hackley, the place where Donald Barr went to be headmaster after Dalton kicked him to the curb (long after I attended). According to Noel Casler, the elder Barr was known as “Chester the Molester” during his tenure there but I can’t confirm that.

My big question in all this, given that there seems to be a long history of child sexual abuse among elite prep schools and other power structures, is whether Epstein or Maxwell or George Nader, another Republican operative now awaiting trial in VA for child pornography, ever had anything to do with Marc Dutroux, the murderer and pimp of children who helped collapse the Belgian government in the 1990s. My suspicion is that there is an international network of sex criminals catering to the rich and powerful. It’s not Q-Anon conspiracy theory, even though it may verge on that, but a sordid reality.

People should also remember that Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, was outed as an Israeli intelligence agent and there is speculation that Epstein was too. Perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell is or was part of Israeli intelligence as well.


I said this when Epstein died - this shouldn’t end with him. He had tons of help.


I guess Diaper Donnie didn’t look in her mouth.


Safely in the clutches of Bill Barr now with nowhere to turn.


Why would she do that? That evidence has kept her out of jail this long…


In like Flynn?


I used to.

I lived in NH/VT for over 25 years. I was in my house in VT from 1999 to 2014, so 15 years at the same place. I had a little Subaru Impreza from 2005 to 2014 right before we left. I drove that thing every day as I did not have another vehicle. It was the best handling car in snow and ice that I’d ever owned. Well, it started to get long in the tooth towards the end and was breaking down more frequently.

One time, as I was coming over the top of the big hill a mile from my house, the thing sputtered and died. I tried to restart it while moving, but then threw it into neutral and coasted as far as I could. I milked every inch of kinetic energy that I could, finally rolling to a stop in the street at the side of the road IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOUSE. I was annoyed that I couldn’t make it up my own driveway, but as I got out and shut the door, I was just accepting the fact that this old car was probably headed for the junk heap because I was tired of dumping cash into it. No sooner do I step inside my house, but my phone rings. It’s the chief of police on the line: a guy I knew well, and a good human being.

“Hey, how are ya? Is that your car parked in the street?”
“Yesss…?” I replied tentatively.
“Ah, OK, was just checking. I received a call.”
“You did? It just broke down, the damn thing, so I had to park it there because I couldn’t make it up my driveway. Who called you?”
“Your neighbor across the street.”
“OK, thank you for calling me, Jim. Wow, what neighbors, eh?”
“Yeah, small town life. Have a good night,” he said.
“Thanks, you too.”

As I wrote before, the busiest busybodies on earth live in New England. My neighbors know me. They know my car. They have my phone number. We talk all the time. They could step outside. Instead they called the police.

It’s no wonder to me that we have a Karen problem in the USA.


Rest in Peace, Ghislaine.


Vietnam and Cambodia are on the list, though, and despite being poor and developing, if you have money you can have quite a normal life there – both have large Western ex-pat communities. It’s not like she’d have to move to North Korea or something (incidentally not on the list; do they really have an extradition treaty?)