Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI

Maybe she figured she was yesterday’s news and that nobody was actively looking for her anymore.

True. Both Vietnam and Cambodia are LOVELY countries that would be great to retire to. Your money will go further in Cambodia, but they’re still developing in a lot of ways, whereas Vietnam has everything already.


Eh, depending on her budget she could have been very comfortable in Djibouti or Morocco. Strange story.


Barr has 4 months to try. The clock is ticking


Unlike neighboring countries, Vietnam doesn’t have a long term expat visa program. Typically permanent residency is based on either Vietnamese ancestry or marrying a Vietnamese national.


Because she is rich and entitled, and thinks that despite everything she is immune from consequences? Because she doesn’t want to go live in an isolated compound in a non-extradition country unable to travel or to hang out with her other too rich to fail friends?

Vietnam and Cambodia as suggested by @jhbadger may be reasonable places for a rich white person to live by choice but it’s still probably not terribly enticing for a lot of people to be stuck there forever on the run. I can totally imagine someone in her position being willing to roll the dice and assume that even if they can’t beat the rap entirely they are going to be hit with some fines or maybe a few years in prison. And because she is rich and white, once she gets out the conviction history will not really be an obstacle to future activities, because she is already established as “the right sort of person”


It’s true that wealthy people flock to places like UAE. Really she could live a lovely life in Indonesia or Morocco, as well, what with all the millions she has. BUT, she could also be murdered pretty easily in those places. Consider, for instance, that Ehud Barak is implicated in the Epstein case. Barak is literally a hitter, in the truest sense of the word.


Of those, both Montenegro and the Maldives have some extremely high-end beach resorts. Andorra is probably the best for skiing, but has the disadvantage that there is no airport within its borders, only heliports.

(Bosnia-Herzegovina also has pretty good skiing on the slopes they used for the 1984 Winter Olympics, but going off-piste is a bad idea as there are still minefields.)

I believe that the usual non-extradition bolthole for British criminals is Northern Cyprus, which was left off your list as it’s an unrecognised state. Good weather, low cost of living, and English widely spoken as tourism is a major industry.


That’s kind of the point. There’s nothing noteworthy there. What there is though is a ton of very non-descript offices, a number of business banks, some higher-end dining venues and clubs, a state highway with easy connections to Massachusetts (traffic issues notwithstanding), lots of higher-end and exclusive homes that still have acreage, and convenient access to the airport without dirtying one’s self excessively by brushing up against the commoners in Manchester proper. Bedford has a ton of outsiders who no longer hue to the ideals of ratting out neighbors or maintaining a wikipedia-level quantity of gossip. Bedford keeps many of its secrets. Bedford is where the rich go to enjoy sales-tax free NH without accidentally wandering into the zones of hicks, hillbillies, meth heads, poverty, minorities, shuttered industry, or questionably maintained automobiles.

Yes, I grew up in NH. And no, folks in our paht of the state didn’t have much use foah Bedfahd.


And much better to be arrested now, when the State is on your side, than in a few months.


That you, @Wally? :wink:


Often the story arc for a “Madam” goes “desperate young woman decides to make the best of a bad situation and works her way up the sex trade from ‘exploitee’ to ‘exploiter.’”

The weird part about Maxwell is that she was rich to begin with so she didn’t need to do ANY of this evil crap to live a life of luxury.


Of course, an alternate (or complementary) story is: pedophile grooms a young woman and brings her fully under the sway of his cult of personality. Then when she gets too old for him and is facing being completely cast aside she continues trying to please him / maintain a modicum of control in the relationship by bringing him younger women. Pedophile turns it into a business.

I mean, it always feels implausible when a tool like this wields that kind of power, but somehow he also convinced wealthy powerful men to let him mange their accounts, so the guy must have some cult-leader competencies. I mean, yes, eventually he knew where all the bodies were buried (because he arranged the funerals) so he had them over them, but he must’ve had something to be able to reel them in in the first place…


Well dammit, she was in Bradford up by Sunapee, not Bedford. A lot more nosy neighbors up there than Bedford. Frankly, she might have done better in Bedford. Not quite ironic, but perhaps chuckle-worthy in that rueful New Englandy sort of way.


Yeah, rural New England humor can be vicious.

She musta been bored. Shoulda taught some zumba classes.


Well dammit is right. I was quoting the article I read. You are right, very different up there than in town near Manch. I’ll look later for a better story.


Five days later mysteriously hangs herself with shoelaces from a pair of prison issued flip flops.


It worked for Asil Nadir, although he was in fact going home.


Somehow she came away from this rich?:


She was an adult with many millions in assets to her name long before her father’s financial crimes came to light, so yes. She also had a healthy trust fund even after the collapse of his publishing empire.

This is most certainly not a person who had to resort to selling herself or others in order to live in comfort.