Sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty

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Who did she traffic children to?

To whom did she sex traffic children?

Somebody help me out here.

Edit: sorry for those who were offended. My flippant tone is reflective of my disgust that this woman has been held accountable but none of the rich men who she trafficked children to have been. And I don’t suspect they will ever be. I thought that cynicism would be more clear, and didn’t expect it to be interpreted as defending her. I literally couldn’t imagine ANYONE coming to this BBS to defend her.


The headline could use some fixing.

Maxwell is a rapist and was an active participant. Not a mere “procurer”.

The charges relate to Maxwell finding and transporting minors for herself and Epstein.

A trafficking charge like this doesn’t require a 3rd party. The conspiracy charges do, but here they relate to Maxwell coordinating and participating with Epstein.

Anything more expansive seems to still be under investigation. Since no one bothered to poke any of that with a stick before all this.


But, but democrats child sex rings! And pizza!

Good riddance child molester.


According to insider accounts of the Trump White House this woman was one of the people he briefly entertained pardoning.


You joke. But Epstein is one of their big screaming bits of “evidence”. Cause he knew the Clintons a bit.

Never mind a HUGE number of the things Epstein and Maxwell have been accused of actively took place at Mar a Lago

Ignore that please. I heard Maxwell walked passed George Soros once.

And it was outside a pizza place.


If it’s BBC America, maybe they were hoping he’d incriminate himself live on the air?


I’m glad that the admins restored my post and understood that I’m asking who she trafficked children to so that we can arrest those people and hold them accountable.

She’s guilty. But she delivered those children to powerful men. We must ask the question: who or to whom

Whatever the right usage is here


The serfs aren’t allowed to know that.


Well how about I just take everything in good faith today.

The reason I describe Maxwell as a sex trafficker rather than something else is because many headlines say things like “socialite Ghislaine” or “Epstein partner” or other vague, euphemistic media-brain bullshit along similar lines to “swimmer Brock Turner”.

Sex trafficking is the most formally serious crime she has been convicted of. The others were transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and three counts of conspiracy. It is what Epstein was charged with, too. If you don’t know what sex trafficking is in a legal context, I’d recommend looking it up rather than assuming something weird or clever. It’s not a euphemism to avoid calling her a rapist, which she also certainly is.

But that is not what they charged her with, so in the context of her conviction in a criminal trial it’s not the news.


Which is correct, of course.


Appreciated. It’s also why headlines should read “teacher accused of raping one of his/her students,” rather than “had sex with.” As a former K-12 teacher, and a parent, that sort of “media-brain bullshit” drives me bonkers. So, thank you.

Yep, for sure. This is a win.


In terms of the acts she was charged with. She delivered those children to herself. Also Epstein.

She hasn’t been charged with anything specific to grooming or trafficking children for anyone else but herself and Epstein. At least not yet.

Virginia Giuffre is the key witness connecting a lot of this activity to others. She appears to have been involved in this case against Maxwell, but didn’t testify and none of the charges specifically relate to what was done to her. Which is a bit odd. But given public spats between US attorneys and Prince Andrew and some other shit there appears to be plenty going on that front.

Whether they can get anything to stick is another question.

These kinds of convictions are apparently MASSIVE for pressuring people into that. She’s looking at a max of 65 years. And still has 2 perjury charges hanging out there. Once she gets sentenced pretty much the only way she can reduce her jail time, or alter her circumstance is through cooperation.


:face_vomiting: that is all.


Well, we do know that Visa and Mastercard are scared to be associated with it. The term covers a great many things.

It’s almost like the Espionage Act or the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


Good. Hopefully she gets a life long sentence.


I wasn’t expecting a verdict already (it seems like these kinds of big cases take forever, but I suppose it started a lot earlier than I realized).

But you know prosecutors aren’t serious about this shit until they actually put some rich white men behind bars. And there’s a whole bunch of rich white men who were part of this, who seem to be skating.

The media routinely describing Epstein as a “financier” was interesting, as people have (correctly) pointed out there was no evidence it was actually the case. That simply appeared to be the front by which he channeled money from rich people into his pockets, for actual reasons unknown. The media seemed hell-bent on giving them both a veneer of legitimacy that hadn’t been earned.


Now let’s just hope she turns over the names of her clients, and gets a nice long sentence that will last her to her golden years, if not all the way to the end. After seeing insurrectionists get mere weeks or months in prison and plenty of other rapists getting off completely, I’m not at all confident that justice will be served.

All this assuming, of course, she doesn’t mysteriously die of suicide while under 24 hour surveillance. I’m not saying Epstein was murdered, but even if he was allowed to take his own life, there sure were a lot of “coincidences” that night to enable it.