U.S. files superseding indictment against Ghislaine Maxwell

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What does this actually mean? It seems like I don’t understand this “superseding indictment” headline, and there’s no additional info in the article.


I hate that I feel like this, but whatever happens to her, it probably won’t matter, b/c apparently we’re living in the time of full-on, no-holds-barred, absolutely overt corruption.


She looks good in orange.


She’s trying to get out of this due to Covid-19? How is that even an excuse? You broke the law, you go to jail, and if the conditions aren’t optimal then F you. Maybe you should have put more of your resources into prison reform instead of child rape.


It works if you’re rich, well-connected and white. Other folks not so much.


Well, if all it was was a changed docket number for a reference to another case, the fact of a ‘superseding’ indictment is really pretty much total non-news. Yawn.

If something else changed that WAS newsworthy, maybe some tweets that would tell us what would have been added. Otherwise, it just seems like a re-filing of the original charges with a trivial technical/administrative error corrected.

All it means is they’ve amended the indictment, typically by adding new charges.

I just saw Filthy Rich and: Wow. She is neck-deep in this. She’s going to end up serving the life sentence for both herself and Epstein.

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Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself!

For the future, in case it needs to be said…


If she has enough dirt on important people she also have the option of ratting them out in a deal with the prosecutor, or have them put enough pressure on the prosecutor to make him offer a reduced sentense. Or she could end up an unfortunate victim of Covid-19, with autopsy reports going strangely missing.

A regular, fair trial with lifetime prison somehow seems like the least likely outcome.


Maxwell may well be the end of the road for the whole investigation, which is a shame because I really want Dershowitz to go down with her. Either she won’t rat, or else the prosecutor will mysteriously ignore her offers of information.

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…she was merely an employee, in Epstein’s procurement department.

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She is accused of breaking the law. She has the right to a trial. And frankly, the way COVID is running rampant through the prison system right now, if you have an interest in her standing trial for this, you’d give her bail. If you’re convinced Jeffrey Epstein was suicided , what do you think’s going to happen to Maxwell with corona being a very real possibility?

Further, she’s been in contact with the feds since the day after Epstein’s “suicide.” She hasn’t left the country. She paid cash for the house she was in in December, and paid property taxes on it. They knew where she was. She didn’t at all try to flee in any way. If she was a flight risk, wouldn’t she have tried to flee when she had the chance, and not now?


Somewhat related it appears that a front page powermod on Reddit and one of the most prolific posters of all time may have in fact been Mrs. Maxwell.

There has been a lot of denial on Reddit, mostly to the effect of some random user saying “no, it’s not her”, and the rest of Reddit going “case closed”. However the account normally posts multiple times per day but hasn’t posted since she was sent to jail.


IDGAF if she is a flight risk. If you’re going to lock up minor offenders, then lock up all minor offenders. Don’t treat rich white minor offenders differently than those who can’t afford bail. The prison and bail system in this country is ludicrous.


She purchased via an LLC which was not obviously associated with her. Not clear that they did know her whereabouts.


They were in touch with her for months. When they went to arrest her, they went and picked her up. She was the registered agent of the LLC. The LLC’s home address was her home address. This “we have no idea where she is” was a media construct played up for ratings and excitement. It’s also something the police and law enforcement has never said, and when confronted on it, they came back with “Well, she’s got the means”

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How frequently are people charged with multiple counts of child rape granted bail?

Why should her ability to post bail be the factor that keeps her out of prison while countless people of lesser means sit behind bars awaiting trial for far less serious crimes?



The bail system needs to go, because it contributes to the uneven exercise of justice. She’s a flight risk and the charges against her are more serious than other crimes, especially given as she was part of a much larger, international global crime ring to rape teen girls. She herself might have also assaulted these vulnerable young women. I want her locked up awaiting trial more than I do some guy who shoplifted something, who likely can’t afford bail.