Watch: Ghislaine Maxwell's naive lawyer is outraged about her "horrible" (so normal) jail treatment. "I've never seen anything like it"

Originally published at: Watch: Ghislaine Maxwell's naive lawyer is outraged about her "horrible" (so normal) jail treatment. "I've never seen anything like it" | Boing Boing


Seems like rich, White privilege is a helluva drug.


For context:

She can go fsck herself.


Interesting how life changes for wealthy people in the justice system.


He is not naive, and he has accomplished his objective.


“I’ve never seen anything like it”

Well Son, let me tell you about my week in a South American jail, you’ll quit that belly aching fast.

P.S. Child Sex Trafficker is not a tag you want to carry in the joint, so I imagine her stay is a little uncomfortable, and justly so…


She didn’t seem to mind the association with Epstein when it was a means of living a life of ridiculous luxury and privilege.


I’m not really sure he has, unless his objective was to get people laughing and rolling their eyes at this silver-spoon pimp’s whingeing about the unfairness of it all.

Also, it’s not the “Epstein Effect” until she’s found hanging in her prison cell under highly suspicious circumstances.


What is it that he is saying is this “Epstein effect” is, exactly? That a credibly accused child sex trafficker is unpopular in prison? That his known procurer and associate is associated with Jeffrey Epstein?

It’s just more empty verbiage around which one collects outrage, like making candy floss for the perpetually outraged set.


I dunno. I could be totally off base here but I suspect maybe the goal was to introduce the term “Epstein effect” to the media because he plans to try to argue something along the lines of this “poor woman” being “unfairly targeted” because of Epstein’s reputation especially since he’s dead anyway.


Could be. It’s not helping in this context, though. He’s not even describing the worst aspects of the carceral system that the “little people” are subjected to every day. “Oh, dearie me, she couldn’t just sashay unescorted into a luxuriously appointed and camera-free drawing room for our interview as befits her station.”


Potentially unpopular opinion on this thread, but I am personally of the belief that people should not be treated poorly in prison, even if I don’t like them. The goals of prison and prison time should be atonement and rehabilitation. This is even more important when someone has not yet been found guilty of a crime. When we make it about revenge it is no longer a prison system of a just society.

I am also of the opinion that about 95% of the people in prison probably should not be there, at least not for absurd length sentences (which are all about ‘revenge’). The money would be far better spent on prevention (i.e. mental health treatment, addiction prevention and treatment, poverty reduction). I am resigned to the fact that it is highly unlikely that will happen in my lifetime.

If Maxwell committed the crimes she is accused of (probably, but I am not a judge or jury) then she should get a just punishment. It should almost certainly include ‘you don’t get to be rich anymore’ but that is not even on the table in the US, even for child sex traffickers.


If someone wants to advocate for better treatment of prisoners in general then I’m all for it. If someone wants to advocate for better treatment of this child-trafficking monster in particular while failing to recognize that her treatment is par for the course then I’m gonna tell them to go pound sand.


Roger That! Read you 5 x 5…


I completely agree, but nothing in the 40 seconds presented discussed anything even approaching mistreatment. He spent more time on hyperbolic phrases like “Epstein effect” and “I’ve never seen anything like it in 23 years!”.

The only things he actually describes is being escorted by guards, with no discussion of any conduct that could be abusive. Being given only a tiny room to meet in. And there being a camera in the room. While there is an argument about the camera, he never actually articulated any issue with it. Everything he described was about the conditions of his visit with her, not about her treatment in the prison. You can be sure if she was feeling abused or threatened that would have been the lead. (but maybe that was just cut out of this clip.)



and it looks like the withdrawal symptoms are pretty intense.


Was just thinking he’s not naive – but he’s certainly hoping for a jury pool that is.


Ironically it seems like he’s actually saying they’re treating her very carefully because they don’t want her dying in custody (like Epstein). Which may be true, but as she’s accused of having trafficked children, there are probably a fair number of people in the prison that would want to harm her, so it’s not unreasonable to give her extra protection.

Absolutely. But what’s funny here is that he can’t actually point to any mistreatment going on, much less that she’s being singled out for abusive treatment. They had to have a meeting in a (small!) room with a camera? Um, so? Also, it’s not like they added the camera to the room for her, it’s for everyone. Also, three guards escorted her? If they don’t give that treatment to everyone, that’s not abuse, that’s caution. It sounds like they’re concerned with her welfare more than anything.

So when he says he’s never seen this before, one wonders if he’s ever actually been in a jail before. Or if he’s so used to dealing with wealthy, privileged clients who get special treatment that he’s shocked by the basic reality everyone else has to deal with.


We are in agreement. I believe that all prisoners should be treated better than is the current norm, and that most of them should not be in prison at all.

I also believe that this person deserves no better treatment than any other prisoner.

I am just uncomfortable with how easy it is (for me also) to relish the idea of a particular prisoner suffering in jail. Because I know for a fact there are people with very different views who would relish my own suffering in prison, should that come to pass somehow (i.e. arrested at a BLM or antiwar protest).

Prison, when it must happen, has to be without fear or favour. I doubt that is even remotely the case right now, but I refuse to savour a particular awful person suffering just because I don’t like them.


That’s the Epstein Effect in action, folks!