Feds wanted to fine Yahoo $250K/day for fighting PRISM



Apple, Microsoft, Skype, AOL, Google, YouTube (pre-Goog) - all forced by secret courts to hand your data over to the US Government. I really hope that people remember this next time they say, or hear, something like “You can’t trust X-Company - they’ll just hand your data over to the feds.”

Yes - they will. ALL of them. After threats, secrecy, fines, subversion, and force; all at the hands of those that we elected into office.


But terror! Terror! TERROR!

Check and mate.

This would almost make me think better of Yahell. If it weren’t for the fact that everything they touch turns to sh%%%

Actually, that’s why Apple added the Dead Man’s Switch to their annual reports, stating that they never have been asked. If that statement disappears, then it is a sign that they had been asked and were told not to talk about it.

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