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Ah, the warm glow of nostalgia and physical interfaces.
I do miss buttons and knobs.


Suddenly I find myself in need of a Beocom 1000 telephone.


These collection fo partoable TVs looks like really well-rendered Fooly Cooly concept art http://goodjunk.tumblr.com/post/154205016919/various-portable-tvs-1960-1980

That fan-powered snowmobile tho…

I approve most of those choices.

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Great list providing great reference for design inspiration.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

That keyboard looks infuriating type on.

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I assume you mean 1985.


Whoa. I would probably love to have the Casio in my kit. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about a Casio either.

Maybe but probably not. BoingBoing has a thing about a parallel decade called the 19A0s.

ETA: According to Amazon, the Casio is a recent device that’s a bit like a throwback with a USB port added. 19A0s it is.

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No, the 19A0’s were a wonderful decade. Many choose to feel it did not exist, but, well… fnord.


Believe this is Adam Saltsman (of Canabalt fame)'s blog.

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I assumed that he had travelled to the year 6565.


I interpreted this as Jan 5, 2019. In my company, we use YYXDD format where X is the numeric month as letter of the alphabet. For example, July being the 7th month would be G, the seventh letter in the alphabet. Why do we do this? It sorts chronologically and eliminates the MMDD vs DDMM confusion that happens when you have both Europeans and Americans working for you. As we also use Dvorak keyboards, it usually only takes 6-8 months for the new guy to get up to speed :wink:


Obligatory xkcd …

The Hipster radio from 1967. Maybe it’ll be the next hipster fad.

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