Feeling the buzz


Fun fact: once I got a Pebble Steel I started to get phantom wrist vibrations.


Sometimes, when my phone is on silent (no vibration) and in my pocket, I feel a small, sharp pain in my leg. When I take the phone out, I’ve gotten a text or an email. I don’t know if the phone is getting hotter, or shocking me, or if I have a psychic groin, but it’s weird.

Please ask your psychic groin to tap out the winning lotto numbers for me; CA Megamillions.

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It just keeps tapping out “69” because that was too good a setup line for me to leave.


I used to think I was hearing the phone ring whenever I was in the shower. It almost never was.

Well, these things usually require a certain oracular interpretation – I will find a vapor source and see what is revealed…

five different numbers from 1 to 75 and one number from 1 to 15
Perhaps: 6, 9, 15, 45, 69 : 15

Sat #'s: 5, 31, 34, 41, 74: 3
The only one that I can easily fit into the 69 is the “3” (9-6)

I speculate that phantum buzz is sometimes, but not always, triggered by infrasound in the environment, perhaps by neighboring phones.

FWIW, the phone is the back pocket is directly over the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body.

It’s also possible that they are putting pressure on the piriformis nerve and causing a muscle spasm in this small muscle that is deep in the body.

The buzz occurs when the battery status changes. It also occurs when you’re hacked or when you receive email or gain or lose wi-fi. At least on my Samsung phones.

It also happens when nothing at all, at least to me. I’ve noticed this feeling while driving, having to contort myself to dig my phone out of my pants only to find it’s not ringing after all. But once it actually rang, moments later, and I realized the real vibrations were much more intense than the imaginary ones.

So, at least when it happens to me, it’s pure imagination. YMMV.

It’s not (solely, anyhow) a matter of the phone reacting to something other than an actual call or message; often the phone isn’t even there.

I used to have the same feeling when using my older types phones.
Ever since I got smartphones, the imaginary vibrations stopped. Perhaps they stopped because I do not longer carry my smartphone in my back pocket, and have updated from jeans to cargo pants with side pockets

I usually have my phone in a side pocket, and feel phantom vibrations there, sometimes even if the phone isn’t there, and now I have a Pebble I get phantom wrist vibrations as well (although less often).


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